Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) CD Release Party – 11/28


If you’ve been following any of my updates lately then you already know that I’ve been working on some new Greenhouse material with my Weightless compadre Illogic.  We released the song “Gettin There” last week as a free download, and will be releasing the EP (Electric Purgatory Party One) that this song is featured on in November; the  free version will be available on Nov 24th, the CD version will be in stores on Dec 1st.  But if you live in Columbus you dont have to wait that long.  We are throwing a CD release party on Saturday November 28th at Skullys in Columbus to celebrate this release.

The line-up is Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Kam Moye aka Supastition, Envelope, and special guest DJ J. Rawls. There are also going to be a couple more special guest appearances that will be on the official line-up, but this is an event that you don’t wanna miss if you live in the central ohio area, so mark your calendars!

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Blueprint show in Cleveland this Sat Oct 17th


My friends and former Columbus residents Edotkom will be having a CD release party this saturday in Cleveland @ the Grog Shop.  I will be performing as their special guest, along with my dude DJ Rare Groove.  I probably won’t be back in Cleveland until 2010 after the new album is out so if you live in the cleveland or akron area come check me out.  Doors are at 9pm and i think it’s 18+, so please come out and support.   Also performing are Edotkom, Rime Royal, Phatburner, & Mr 44.

Peep the flyer for full details after the jump>> Continue reading

Faggot @ Carabar – April 14th

I’m somewhat drunk so i don’t even know where to start this one, but I think i will start from last week. Last week Ron (Carabar owner) was like “Al, i dont ever tell you to come to specific shows, so take me seriously when i ask you to come to this show next week…tuesday. Faggot is playing.” So i remembered it but still forgot today until around 1130 or so. At any rate, I showed up and just missed Dead Sea play, who happen to be my favorite live act in Columbus. Matt Minor from Teeth Of The Hydra’s new band (whose name escapes me) played next, and since i was ordering drinks i can only claim to have heard about 75% if what they were doing, but it sounded good.

But its time to cut to the chase. Which is this band Faggot. Ron warned me about them but words cant really explain this kinda shit . you have to be there. Either way, this show tonight might have been the most amazing show i have seen in my entire life. This band Faggort kicked so much ass that it was worth being in the middle of the mosh pit just to fully understand what was going on. Continue reading

Content Under Pressure producers challenge

On June 25th, 2009 I have been asked to participate in the Content Under Pressure event going down in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Red Bull Music Academy has been putting together some cool events where they bring together producers from all over the globe to exchange ideas and celebrate hip-hop production. Continue reading

A gem of an interview from Psychodelic Horseshit

The lead singer in the Columbus band called Psychedelic Horseshit is interviewed in the washington post, and there are so many funny (and completely correct) quotes in this intervew I have to post it here. While their music isn’t for everybody, this interview is, and you don’t even have to know anything about them to appreciate it. I wish more hip-hop people would do interviews like this. Shit, maybe I might when my next album comes out. Continue reading

Random thoughts about condoms

In high school, I had a friend that referred to Lifestyle condoms as “L styles”. So I did too. Ever since then when I walk into a store and see Lifestyle condoms I have fond memories of high school and usually buy them, even though I think trojan condoms are far superior. I even refer to them as “L Styles” sometimes but nobody else understands what I’m talking about.

Every now and then, when I’m single I’ll put one in my wallet before i go out. Not because i actually think I’m gonna get laid, but because I think having one in my wallet gives me a positive mental attitude about things…a weird optimism about all things in life takes over and I walk around with a “can do” attitude the rest of the night no matter what happens.

I find it sexy when a woman isn’t afraid to admit she has condoms. Whether that be at her house or in her purse. I think it implies confidence.

I think its funny that most women who actually do have condoms have brands that men would never choose; weird ass colors or patterns, circular packaging, glow in the dark neon joints, etc. Most dudes stay loyal to one or two brands pretty much. Women get way more funky with it.

I’ve noticed that some women feel weird if you say you’ve got condoms before you’re completely naked. Any sooner and they feel like you’re assuming you’re getting some, which never turns out well. As a result, I think things go better when a woman asks, but honestly all things related to sex go better when a woman asks, so I guess that makes perfect sense.

I once dated a girl who absolutely refused to keep condoms in her house. We dated a year and still no condoms. So we would have to leave her house in the middle of the night and go to some corner store to buy them whenever I spent the night. That shit completely ruined the moment if I had to go get them by myself, but if she went with me it felt like we were on an espionage mission. I never completely understood it, but im guessing that she didn’t want me to assume she was gonna put out.

The worst sex I ever had in my adult life was when a friend lent me a Magnum condom. Between the anxiety of having sex with this chick for the first time, and being worried that the condom was entirely too big for me–I’m pretty sure that she remembers me as the worst lover ever. I’ve tried to forget that experience.

This is some strange shit to blog about but i swear these thoughts were on my mind when i woke up this morning. Safe sex yall.

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It’s All Your Fault

So I went out tonight to Ladies 80’s.

Yeah, i know what you’re thinking; “print you soft…how you gonna go to Ladies 80’s night, I thought you were a real rapper?” Well, you know what? Fuck yall and fuck all that rapper shit. I’m a fuckin man. I have a penis, and i like vagina. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve lived in Columbus the past 5 years and I’ve never seen more fine ass women than in that spot tonight. It was one of those nights where everything magically comes together, and you just happen to be there, nahmeen? Where the weather goes from 35 degrees to 65 degrees, and you just gotta bask in that shit and enjoy it. Hell, as i was headed to the spot i knew it was gonna be on by how many fine chicks i saw walking to the spot looking good as i tried to find my parking space. But i digress. Continue reading

Last Night = Bugged Out

(originally written dec 19th, 2008)

i had to tell this story…

so last night me and seance are at ladies 80s drinking beer, waiting to pass out some flyers for the new years show. we’re off in the cut standing right between the two bathrooms kickin it and this little ass dude walks up and just posts up next to us. dude was looking real serious. so we keep talking and clowning and dude is still there. dude is like “man, yall clowning over here!” but he still had that serious look in his face..real focused. at first i thought he might have thought we were in line for the bathroom, so i was like “we’re not in line for the bathroom” just so dude would know. and little dude is like “nah, i’m not going in the bathroom, i’m waiting on somebody to come out. i gotta handle some shit”. So i’m like “damn, you look real serious, is it about to go down?” and he’s like “yeah man, a muthafucka disrespected me and I’m about to handle that. hes in the bathroom, so i’m gonna wait for him to come out and see whats up.” so me and seance are like cool, we’re gonna post up here because this shit is about to get entertaining. Continue reading