“A Hero Dies Once” Official Music Video

Since last fall, I’ve been running around with the camera pretty heavy, shooting music videos for other artists.  I’ve shot three music videos for Illogic, one for Supastition, and one for Shrapknel (Curley Castro & Prem Rock).  After I shot all of those I decided to shoot one for myself, just to keep my blade sharp and continue to develop my videography skills.  The song “A Hero Dies Once” has been mentioned by my fans as one of their favorite songs on my Two-Headed Monster album, so I decided to shoot a video for it.  So here it is: Continue reading

Blueprint “Don’t Look Back” Music Video

I just dropped a brand new music video for the song “Don’t Look Back” from Two-Headed Monster.  Directed by Visual House Media. Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments below:

Get Two-Headed Monster now:

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DJ Criminal featuring Blueprint “Leave Me Alone”

The music video for a collaboration I did with DJ Criminal just dropped and it’s dope. The song is called “Leave me Alone” and it’s the first single from his upcoming album, Samples & Marbles.  The project is a FREE hip-hop and turntablism album made entirely from samples of the band Phish. You can download the single and get the album from his bandcamp page. Continue reading

Blueprint presents “Fan Questions: Episode 4”

The fourth installment of the Fan Questions series. In this episode I answers questions about what made me good at other genres of music, whether I let people hear my lyrics ahead of time, what I thinks analog recording gear, and what caused inspired me to change my style.

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Blueprint presents “Fan Questions: Episode 3”


In this episode of “Fan Questions” I answer fan questions about my first rhyme, the ideal length for an opening set, the diversity of fans at my shows, and whether I writes just to write or if I always write to beats.

Subscribe to the channel: http://youtube.com/weightlessrecordings

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Blueprint presents “Fan Questions: Episode Two”

Time for the second weekly installment of my “Fan Questions” video series, where I answer the questions my fans send me.  This episode covers the influence of beats vs lyrics, staying down to earth, and violence and ignorance in hip-hop.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx8VWMbtwI8

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Blueprint presents “Fan Questions: Episode 1”

Last friday, I got on facebook and twitter to asked my fans to ask me as many questions as possible for a videoblog I wanted to make.  They were good sports and responded with a gang of good questions.  The result is the first episode of Blueprint presents Fan Questions.  This new series will be posted every Friday.  If you asked a question at the beginning, tune in for your answers. If you haven’t joined in, hit up my Facebook or Twitter, or leave it in the comments here.


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Blueprint “Wanna Be Like You” Music Video


I’m proud to finally release this animated music video for the latest single from the album Adventures in Counter-Culture, “Wanna Be Like You.”  The video was create by the talented artist Dax Norman.  Please check it out and share it on your blog/facebook/twitter if you like it.

LINK: http://youtu.be/8sTay7aDtpY

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ILLUS – “Extraordinary” featuring BLUEPRINT Music Video

My guy ILLUS, who did the artwork for my book The Making Of Adventures in Counter-Culture, just dropped this fresh video and song.  I did the beat and rhyme on it as well.  It’s a really positive song from a really positive artist that I support fully.  Please check my guy out.  Oh yeah, the video concept is fresh too.

Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/lQh2FeuKAgg


The past few months I’ve been picking up some older drum machines and synthesizers from craigslist for pretty cheap. The demos for these machines are kind of terrible, so I decided to do my own for my producers who want to learn about older machines out there they might see.  This is my first time doing a video like this, so let me know if you find it interesting or helpful and I’ll try to do more videos like it.

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