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    Episode 209: Our Definitive Book List for Artists


    Although we’ve spoken about various books over the years that have helped us as artists, we’ve never done an episode compiling all of our favorites over the years. In this episode, me and Illogic do exactly that. We break down ten books that have helped us over the years artistically and why we recommend you read them. Interestingly enough, none of these books are actually about making art, but that’s what make them so valuable.  Episode 209 of Super Duty Tough Work is “OUR DEFINITIVE BOOK LIST FOR ARTISTS” and is out now.  Hit the link to watch/listen.

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    Episode 208: Soft Skills Artists Should Learn

    When it comes to our chosen craft, we all know the importance of improving our skill level. However, when it comes to the soft skills that enable us to navigate the world outside of our creative spaces, many of us fall short. Artists in general have to be particularly careful about not developing their soft skills because they have to spend so much time alone practicing their craft. In this episode, we break down ten soft skills (plus two bonuses) that every artist should focus on learning. They are simple, but will take you far in this thing.  Episode 208 of the Super Duty Tough Work podcast is “SOFT SKILLS ARTISTS SHOULD LEARN” and is out now.  Hit the link to listen or watch.

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    Episode 207: Adopting a Winner’s Mentality

    Over the last month, the internet has been abuzz with conversation about the “Last Dance” documentary, which chronicles Michael Jordan’s final championship run with the Chicago Bulls.  One of the biggest conversations has been about Jordans relentless will to win and his drive to push everybody around him to their fullest potential.  Some have praised it, others have criticized it, but over here we consider it the result of having a winners mentality.  In this episode we discuss the traits of someone with a winners mentality and how you can apply it to best the best at your art.   Episode 207 is ADOPTING A WINNER’S MENTALITY and is out now.

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    Episode 206: Things Rappers Brag About That They Shouldn’t

    Any fan of hip-hop understands that bragging and boasting has been a part of the art form since the beginning. From Special Ed bragging about owning Islands on “I Got It Made” to Puff Daddy bragging about having cars he hasn’t even driven yet, bragging and boasting is accepted as normal.  However, over the years we’ve noticed that there are also rappers who have started bragging about things that they probably shouldn’t be bragging about. In this episode of the most infamous podcast on planet earth, Blueprint and Illogic break down a list of things rappers need to stop bragging about!

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    Episode 205: The Post-Pandemic Skill Set For Artists

    Since the onset of this pandemic, one of the reoccurring conversations that we’ve been having with other members of the creative community is about how different the landscape will be once this ends. It will be very different, if and when, things return to normal, and this will require us to focus our attention on developing a different skillset that will allow us to be successful. In this episode, me and Illogic breakdown what those skills are and why they will be important to be successful moving forward.  Episode 205 of Super Duty Tough Work is “The Post-Pandemic Skill Set For Artists” and is out now.  Hit the link to watch or listen.

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    Episode 204: Is Live-Streaming The Future?

    Due to the fallout of the corona virus, we are living in a very special time where people are spending more time at home than ever and where online content is being consumed more than ever.  On the heels of the DJ Premier vs the Rza battle, live-streaming has captured artist and fans attention and now more artists are going live to broadcast for their fans. It begs the question: is live streaming the future? In this episode, we break down our observations on the emergence of live-streaming and what the future might bring for it.   Episode 204 of the Super Duty Tough Work podcast is “IS LIVE STREAMING THE FUTURE?” and is out now.  Hit continue to watch or listen to the show:


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    Episode 203: Ten Things We Wish We Knew As New Artists

    While we have both had successful careers as independent artists, there have certainly been a lot of ups and downs along the way. There were also many situations and realities that we probably could have avoided or handled much better if we had an OG to pull our coattails and put us up on game earlier. In this episode, we pull all you newer artists to the side and break down ten lessons, as your Big Homie or Uncle truly should.   Episode 203 of Super Duty Tough Work is TEN THINGS WE WISH WE KNEW AS NEW ARTISTS and is out now.  Check out the video, audio, and show notes below.

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    “A Hero Dies Once” Official Music Video

    Since last fall, I’ve been running around with the camera pretty heavy, shooting music videos for other artists.  I’ve shot three music videos for Illogic, one for Supastition, and one for Shrapknel (Curley Castro & Prem Rock).  After I shot all of those I decided to shoot one for myself, just to keep my blade sharp and continue to develop my videography skills.  The song “A Hero Dies Once” has been mentioned by my fans as one of their favorite songs on my Two-Headed Monster album, so I decided to shoot a video for it.  So here it is:

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    Episode 173: Lessons From Our Fathers

    While we both have amazing mothers who have played incredible roles in our development as men, we very rarely speak about our fathers on this show. In fact, we’ve found it very rare for fathers to get their just due at all. So in this episode, we breakdown ten critical lessons we learned from our fathers that have shaped who we are and made us the men that we are today. Let’s go!


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    Nine Years Sober

    May 15th marks a total of nine years sober for me. Last year I didn’t really write about it because I was so busy with the release of a new album that I almost forgot about it, but this year I’m not touring so I’ve had some time to think about it and reflect a little more.

    In some ways, I’ve embraced the feeling of being too busy to celebrate it because I think it means that sobriety has started to become the new normal, as opposed to some temporary state or something that I was trying to maintain.  I’ve done a pretty good job of taking on the types of challenges that don’t allow me to feel stagnant or depressed enough to even have the time to drink.

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    Blogging Has Changed: But I’m Still With It

    Ten years ago, blogging was one of my favorite things to do and one of the best ways to connect to my fans.  Sure, I’m a musician and creating music is my primary means of communicating ideas, but once I saw how blogging was connecting with people, it quickly became a favorite tool in my toolbox.

    From 2008, when I first started blogging to now, I always made it a priority and tried to write here at least once a week to communicate with my fans.  Unfortunately, as most people can see, things have changed a bit.  I recently just had my longest break from updating this site in my career, which was a couple months.  It’s not that I didn’t have anything going on, but more that blogging has changed over the last few years.

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    Episode 158: How to Survive A Recession

    Anyone who has worked in this country understands how trying it can be to find a job, let alone keep a job you already have. Even for those who are model employees, circumstances beyond your control can leave you jobless and unsure where your next paycheck is going to come from. In this episode, we take on a listener suggested topic and talk about how to survive a recession, so you can stay on top even when times get tough.

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    Episode 157: The Carnage Cheat Code

    If you’ve paid attention to the Minneapolis hip-hop scene as long as we have, then have probably heard of MC and Beatboxer Carnage the Executioner. A close friend and collaborator with Eyedea, and a part of the extended Rhymesayers crew, Carnage has been tearing up stages for a long time. This week on the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into his history, and breakdown the traits that have made Carnage successful. Lets go!

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    Episode 152: The J-Zone Cheat Code

    If you’ve been a fan of underground hip-hop as long as we have, then you probably know who MC/Producer J-Zone is. After releasing his 2011 book, Root for the Villain, which detailed the collapse of his rap career, he began his transition from a hip-hop artist into a full-time drummer.  This week on the most infamous podcast on planet earth, we dive deep into his journey and breakdown the traits that have made J-Zone successful. This is one for the books. Lets go!

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    The Problem with New Gear


    Any artist who’s been practicing their craft for a while understands the constant temptation to buy new gear. Every year, new things come out that can help us do our jobs better. But is it worth it? Many artists have fallen victim to gear lust, buying the latest and greatest, but have never released their creations. In this episode, we dive into the temptation to buy new gear and give you ten things that are more important, so that you can make a better decision before you make the move.

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