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    It’s All Your Fault

    So I went out tonight to Ladies 80’s.

    Yeah, i know what you’re thinking; “print you soft…how you gonna go to Ladies 80’s night, I thought you were a real rapper?” Well, you know what? Fuck yall and fuck all that rapper shit. I’m a fuckin man. I have a penis, and i like vagina. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve lived in Columbus the past 5 years and I’ve never seen more fine ass women than in that spot tonight. It was one of those nights where everything magically comes together, and you just happen to be there, nahmeen? Where the weather goes from 35 degrees to 65 degrees, and you just gotta bask in that shit and enjoy it. Hell, as i was headed to the spot i knew it was gonna be on by how many fine chicks i saw walking to the spot looking good as i tried to find my parking space. But i digress.

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    Last Night = Bugged Out

    (originally written dec 19th, 2008)

    i had to tell this story…

    so last night me and seance are at ladies 80s drinking beer, waiting to pass out some flyers for the new years show. we’re off in the cut standing right between the two bathrooms kickin it and this little ass dude walks up and just posts up next to us. dude was looking real serious. so we keep talking and clowning and dude is still there. dude is like “man, yall clowning over here!” but he still had that serious look in his face..real focused. at first i thought he might have thought we were in line for the bathroom, so i was like “we’re not in line for the bathroom” just so dude would know. and little dude is like “nah, i’m not going in the bathroom, i’m waiting on somebody to come out. i gotta handle some shit”. So i’m like “damn, you look real serious, is it about to go down?” and he’s like “yeah man, a muthafucka disrespected me and I’m about to handle that. hes in the bathroom, so i’m gonna wait for him to come out and see whats up.” so me and seance are like cool, we’re gonna post up here because this shit is about to get entertaining.