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    Greenhouse Effect “Columbus or Bust” digital version now available


    The album Columbus or Bust was released in 2005 a few weeks after 1988 was released.  I’ve always felt that because it came out so close to 1988 that it never got it’s proper shine.  This situation was made even worse by the fact that we licensed the record to another label to release and they did a horrible job in every aspect.  But that’s besides the point.  The point is that as we begin to release newer Greenhouse material, it’s important to us that people know that we have been around for a while, releasing records since 1999, and that we keep our older records available so that people can check out the older music and see our progression.  Hell, I never thought when i was dubbing tapes back in 1999 that doing music would ever be a full-time job and even if it was ever to become that, I never imagined I would be fortunate to do it this long.

    So for those that want to take a step back to 2005 and hear some vintage Greenhouse Effect music (back before we dropped the word “Effect”) take a listen and enjoy.  The high-quality digital-version is the only version available right now, but next week we will release the deluxe digital versions and cd versions which will include all the instrumentals from Columbus or Bust.


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    Greenhouse “Cold Out Here” music video (HD version)

    MVI_3108 (00440)

    The official music video for “Cold Out Here” Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), from the Electric Purgatory Part One EP, directed by Bangland Media.

    Download the EP here:


    or here:


    Electric Purgatory Part 2 coming soon, featuring guest appearances from Aesop Rock and Toki Wright.

    Also, please e-mail me at info(at)printmatic.net if you have a video show and need a clean version of the video and we will send you a download link.

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    Weds March 10th – Blueprint & Rare Groove in Dayton, OH

    Yup. You heard it right. For all my people who live in the Dayton/Fairborn/Xenia/Yellow Springs area, me and the groove will be playing a show this Wednesday March 10th at One Eyed Jacks.  Please help us spread the word since its only a few days away.  Peep the flyer for the event. We will be giving away free autographed show posters (below) at the event:


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    Greenhouse (Blueprint, Illogic, & DJ Rare Groove) Spring Tour Dates – Part One


    For those wondering if/when would Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic w/ Dj Rare Groove) would be touring this spring, here’s the update. Yes, we will be touring, opening up for Killah Priest of the Wu-Tang Clan. Below are the first half of the tour dates.  More dates will be announced shortly.

    Saturday March 20th @ Ruta Maya
    3601 S. Congress – Austin, TX 78701
    12am-4am / All Ages

    Sunday March 21  @ Highland Lake’s Marina (End of SXSW Boat Party)
    16120 Wharf Cove – Volente, TX 78641
    2pm-8pm / Ages 21+

    Monday March 22 @ Limelight
    2718 North Saint Marys St. San Antonio, TX 78212
    9pm-1am / Ages 21+

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    Pics from “Cold Out Here” Video Shoot Day One

    I haven’t blogged much the past few days because we’ve been busy preparing for and shooting a music video for the Greenhouse song “Cold Out Here” from the Electric Purgatory EP.  The video will be premiered at 11pm during our free show this Saturday January 30th in Columbus OH @ Carabar.  My friend Greg is directing/filming it and here are some quick shots:

    [nggallery id=2]

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    New Greenhouse T-Shirt & CD Deal



    First, Weightless Recordings would like to thank everybody who has picked up the Electric Purgatory EP so far, especially those who also picked up the Greenhouse Hoody + CD combo deal.  Since spring is arriving soon, we would like to announce the next deal which is a Black & Silver Greenhouse T-shirt (printed on American Apparel t-shirt), plus The Electric Purgatory CD/EP w/ instrumentals, and an 11×18 electric purgatory poster for only $15.00.


    Thanks for your Support! And yes, I do mail out all orders myself!

    Weightless Web Store

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    Jan 30th FREE Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) show in Columbus, OH



    I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and on Twitter a few times before but this is the official announcement and flyer for it. Saturday January 30th, 2010 @ Carabar (115 parsons) in Columbus, OH.  The line-up is Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Apocalypse Inc, All Eyes Path, and DJ Johnny Cashola on the turntables.  We will also have a bboy battle earlier in the night and debut the “Cold Out Here” music video on the screen there.  If you live in Columbus or the surrounding area we hope to see you all out!

    Any requests?  Hit up the comments section and let us know!











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    Download “Still Shook” MP3 from “Columbus or Bust” Rerelease



    Back in 2005 Greenhouse Effect released a record called Columbus or Bust right around the same time that 1988 came out.  Because we wanted to try to get better distribution situation for the record we licensed it to a label called Raptivism records.  Boy was that a bad idea.  Basically, they didn’t do anything they were supposed to do and looking back we would’ve been better off releasing this album ourselves.

    Columbus or Bust has been out of print for a very long time (mostly because we didnt want to risk them pursuing us legally) but as far as I know Raptivism isn’t even in business anymore, so we think its high time this record was released properly.  So, in January we will be rereleasing a delux version of the Columbus or Bust.  It will be available for the first time Tuesday January 26th on iTunes, and the delux 2CD version will ship from our site on the 26th.  We will also release the promo version on the 26th.

    The delux version will include revised artwork, all instrumentals, as well as a 11×17 poster, sticker, and maybe even some other promo that’s not listed yet.  For now check out the below song to get a taste of what the album sounds like:

    Download and help spread the word.

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    FREE MP3: Grayskul feat. Blueprint “Blueskul”


    In 2005, shortly after my album 1988 came out, i was on the Scribble Jam tour with my dude DJ Raregroove, Mr. Dibbs, and Glue.  The tour ended in Portland, OR but instead of driving back with everybody else, me and raregroove decided to spend a few days in Portland kicking it and then fly back to Ohio later that week.  Considering everybody else on the tour was gonna be trapped in a bus for 2 or 3 days in route to Ohio, getting drunk everyday and kicking it in portland seemed like a much better option. So we played darts, went out, dug for records, and while i was there i recorded a song with my fellow rhymesayers brethren Grayskul.   The song is called “Blueskul” and its produced by Coley Cole.

    It was intentionally slated for their second album Deadlivers, but the song didn’t make the cut.  Considering I hadnt heard the song since i wrote and recorded it (and had never heard a version with Greyskuls verses on it), i was was pretty happy they sent it to me last week.  Either way the song is now 5 years old and since nobody has really heard it i figure i would give it to you all.

    Here is a link to the song:


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    Weightless Christmas Sale – 20% Off Everything




    As many of you know, I run a independent label called Weightless Recordings based out of Columbus, OH.  We’ve been putting out records since 1999 and our artists include myself, Illogic, Envelope, Zero Star, Greenhouse, and DJ Rare Groove.  Many people first heard of me via Soul Position, and some first heard of me via my solo debut 1988.  However, I have many albums that aren’t available in stores nor through Rhymesayers and are exclusive to our label Weightless Recordings.

    At any rate, we have a webstore and are going to have a holiday sale where everything is 20% off with the coupon “20OFF.” Not that our prices were high anyways; we charge 4.99 and 7.99 for all our CDs, but we 20% off that is a pretty decent deal.  The sale lasts from now until 12/31.

    As you all know, it costs money to put out records, especially in this era where record sales aren’t what they used to be.  We are here pretty much because of a number of dedicated fans and supporters, not because any of us sell a ton of records.  That being said, anything support you all can give in the way of buying CDs, Vinyl, and T-shirts goes a long way towards keeping Weightless, or any other independent label in business.

    But enough of that.  Take your ass over to http://weightlessmerchandise.com and check it out.

    Thanks for the support!