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    Greenhouse show with Raekwon, Capone, & Noreaga



    Yup.  You heard it right.  Friday December 11th @ Al Rosa Villa.

    Also, tomorrow (Tuesday November 24th), we will be releasing the free version of the new Greenhouse EP, Electric Purgatory Part One. You will be able to download it from here, printmatic.net, weightless.net. I will post the link in the morning and from then it’s pretty much on.



    The delux version of the project comes with the instrumentals and an 11×17 poster. Pre-ordering from the weightless webstore right now for $4.99. We also have a deal where you can get a greenhouse hoodie, the cd, and poster for $25.

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    Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) CD Release Party – 11/28


    If you’ve been following any of my updates lately then you already know that I’ve been working on some new Greenhouse material with my Weightless compadre Illogic.  We released the song “Gettin There” last week as a free download, and will be releasing the EP (Electric Purgatory Party One) that this song is featured on in November; the  free version will be available on Nov 24th, the CD version will be in stores on Dec 1st.  But if you live in Columbus you dont have to wait that long.  We are throwing a CD release party on Saturday November 28th at Skullys in Columbus to celebrate this release.

    The line-up is Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Kam Moye aka Supastition, Envelope, and special guest DJ J. Rawls. There are also going to be a couple more special guest appearances that will be on the official line-up, but this is an event that you don’t wanna miss if you live in the central ohio area, so mark your calendars!

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    The beauty of hip-hop



    I remember a few years back when I was on tour with Eyedea & Abilities, DJ Abilities and I were having a talk about sampling and hip-hop.  And how the creators of many classic hip-hop songs were masters of sampling, and their knowledge of records was just crazy.

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    FREE MP3 Download: “Gettin There” by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)


    As many of you know the first records i ever worked on were as a part of my crew Greenhouse Effect, from Columbus Ohio.  Many things have happened and thru the years the cast has changed, and some people have come and gone.  But since we started out with this Greenhouse shit as the foundation of this the weightless recordings movement, Illogic and I have decided to continue carrying the torch.  We have been working on material together off and on for the past year or so, and will be releasing an EP called “Electric Purgatory – Part One” on Tuesday November 24th on Weightless Recordings.  The EP will be the first in a two part series that will be completely free to download.  The CD version will come with all the instrumentals and a free poster, and available at http://www.weightless.net.

    So with that said, here’s a little something we decided to give to everybody as a way to get things rolling:

    Download link is HERE

    Please help spread the word using the icons below to post to whatever social network you feel necessary.


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    I don’t have anything to say other than this is my dude Bob, playing with nunchucks at my favorite bar Carabar.  Drinking and swinging nunchucks around in a bar with other drunk people is hard to not find amazing, especially when he clears the dancefloor and gets busy with it. Great stuff if you’re bored.

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    My apologies for the lack of blogging over the past 4-6 weeks.  Its not that I dont have things to blog about that i don’t think are interesting, its more that lately all the stuff i want to write about is about music. It’s very rare that i really wanna write about music and share perspectives or philosophy.  I tend to think that me blogging about music can come off pretentious or arrogant.

    And the entire reason i have been wanting to talk about music so much is because over the past 6-7 weeks i feel more dedicated to music than i have the entire 7 years that this has been my job.  I literally have been doing almost nothing but music, and have been more happy about doing it than ever.  I honestly feel like such a lucky person just to have the chance to do this job, that when i put things into perspective it made me feel like i hadn’t been working hard enough. 

    And as wild as this may seem I can honestly say that for the first time in my career, I want to be great.  I want to do great music.  Not just be dope, have fun, get pussy, make money and all that shit that comes along with doing it for a living.  I really want to commit myself to it, and take it as far as my talent can take me.  But with that ambition comes a LOT of commitment, which is where i am now. 

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    I will be playing at Wright State University’s Fall Fest this friday 9/11 in Dayton Ohio. The show is FREE so please come out if you live in the area. The show runs from 11-4pm and i believe i play around 3pm. My weightless compadres Illogic & DJ Raregroove will also be playing.

    (flyer and more details after the jump)

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    Blueprint “1988” (video version download)

    Last year i did a little video for the song “1988”.  It was basically a picture collage of all the significant things that happened in the year 1988 or were poppin in the year 1988.  However the video version of the song is a slightly different than the album version of the song.  I did this to make the song a little easier to perform and to have something special for cats to hear when they come to the show as opposed to how they hear it on the record. Since then I’ve gotten several requests to post this version of the song, so here it is:

    LISTEN: Blueprint “1988” (video version)

    Here’s the direct download link:


    The video can now be viewed in the sidebar.

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    Synthesizer Fundamentals with Bob Moog

    The man in the above picture is Bob Moog, known as the father of the modern synthesizer. As much of a legend as he is in the world of music, and particularly electronic music, he isn’t exactly a household name. I have started learning more about him as I have started learning more about synthesizers, so i figured I would share this old video of Moog explaining the fundamentals of synthesizers. The real beauty of this video is how clearly and simply he explains concepts that seem so cryptic and difficult when other people try to do it.



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    I’m on vacation

    Every now and then a brotha gotta take some time off, so that’s what I’m doing. Dipped out Saturday morning to beautiful Vancouver B.C. and have been loving it. I’m about 3-4 blocks from Downtown, and the same distance from the beach. Spending a week someplace like this is pretty fly. Everything is pretty much walking distance and I’ve been lampin hard as fuck drinking beers enjoying life, skydiving on everybody. The people here are extra nice.

    This blog is basically to explain that although i didn’t blog yesterday, it was simply because I’ve been doing the vacation thing and my internet connection has been sketchy to say the least; this is what happens when you bootleg somebody else’s shit i guess. I’m taking pictures and I’m gonna blog about my observations of Vancouver hopefully over the next couple days.

    Hope all is well with everybody.

    if any of you are from vancouver and know of any cool events or dj nights going on this week let me know.

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    30,000 Pounds of Bananas

    As a person that makes beats, part of the job involves spending hours listening to old albums for things that are interesting enough to sample. I have thousands of vinyl albums at my house that range from rock, to classical, to soul, and everything in between. But i will keep it completely honest with you–I find that sitting and listening to records for hours on end to be the worst part of making beats. Its also kind of tiring because you have to pay attention all the time, because if you don’t you could miss one really amazing sample.

    At any rate, I was listening to an artist named Harry Chapin today. I was actually in another room letting the record play, not even paying attention when the most amazing and rediculous song I’ve heard in a long time came on. The song is called “30,000 pounds of bananas”, and yes, the song is actually about 30,000 pounds of bannanas. The song is so bugged out that i had to record it and upload it so you can hear it. Its basically about the adventures of a dude driving around with 30,000 pounds of bananas in his truck, and its completely bizarre. It’s one of those songs that leave you shaking your head in amazement and confusion at the same time.

    The record came out in 1974 so I’m sure my man was on some sort of psychedelic drug when he wrote it, and everybody around him must have been just as high to let him actually put it out. So my friends, here is Harry Chapin “30,000 Pounds of Bananas”. Please do yourself and listen to this song immediately, especially if you’re having a bad day.

    Harry Chapin “30,000 Pounds of Banannas”

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