I’m on vacation

Every now and then a brotha gotta take some time off, so that’s what I’m doing. Dipped out Saturday morning to beautiful Vancouver B.C. and have been loving it. I’m about 3-4 blocks from Downtown, and the same distance from the beach. Spending a week someplace like this is pretty fly. Everything is pretty much walking distance and I’ve been lampin hard as fuck drinking beers enjoying life, skydiving on everybody. The people here are extra nice.

This blog is basically to explain that although i didn’t blog yesterday, it was simply because I’ve been doing the vacation thing and my internet connection has been sketchy to say the least; this is what happens when you bootleg somebody else’s shit i guess. I’m taking pictures and I’m gonna blog about my observations of Vancouver hopefully over the next couple days.

Hope all is well with everybody.

if any of you are from vancouver and know of any cool events or dj nights going on this week let me know.

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