My apologies for the lack of blogging over the past 4-6 weeks.  Its not that I dont have things to blog about that i don’t think are interesting, its more that lately all the stuff i want to write about is about music. It’s very rare that i really wanna write about music and share perspectives or philosophy.  I tend to think that me blogging about music can come off pretentious or arrogant.

And the entire reason i have been wanting to talk about music so much is because over the past 6-7 weeks i feel more dedicated to music than i have the entire 7 years that this has been my job.  I literally have been doing almost nothing but music, and have been more happy about doing it than ever.  I honestly feel like such a lucky person just to have the chance to do this job, that when i put things into perspective it made me feel like i hadn’t been working hard enough. 

And as wild as this may seem I can honestly say that for the first time in my career, I want to be great.  I want to do great music.  Not just be dope, have fun, get pussy, make money and all that shit that comes along with doing it for a living.  I really want to commit myself to it, and take it as far as my talent can take me.  But with that ambition comes a LOT of commitment, which is where i am now. 

I was thinking about it the other day because i was watching some mixed martial arts fights and Joe Rogan (i know i know quoting the jewels dropped by Joe Rogan is automatic LOL but hear me out) made a comment to the effect of “these dudes commit their entire lives into being the most amazing fighter possible and they’ve sacrificed a lot for it. more than the average person is willing to do”. then he went on to list all the shit that a professional level fighter has to do to be the best and the downside that comes along with it.  And i really thought about what he was saying and i realized that although I’m a professional, but i have never really dedicated my life to music.  Not to that extent.  So after you make that realization the next question becomes “why not? if this is truly what you love doing?”

So here i am.  I love this job, and i plan on keeping it for a while.  so right now i gotta be committed to that and do my work, like a fighter trains for his fight, which unfortunately means i cant blog as much.  Or that if i do blog, my blogs wont be quite as wild as they were because i just am consumed with being the best I can be.

Anyways, I wanted to give everybody that update.  I’m in the lab trying not to disappoint any of you.  Trying to be the best i can be, and not accept anything other than that.

Wish me luck

Word is blog

p.s. if you all actually do want me to write about some of the musical stuff I’ve been kicking around in my head then drop me a comment and let me know, and I can start posting it. I just dont want to bore yall.