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    Greenhouse “Only You” – featuring Toki Wright & Angelica Lee


    Here’s the latest leak from the upcoming Greenhouse release Electric Purgatory Part Two, to be released next week! Listen, download, enjoy!


    If you like it please use the share buttons to post it to your twitter and facebook pages.  You’ve got pretty good taste, and your friends probably do too!

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    Sat. July 24th – Electric Purgatory Part 2 CD Release Party


    If you live in Columbus or the surrounding areas, please mark your calendars! The CD release party for Electric Purgatory Part Two will be held next weekend

    Date: Saturday July 24th, 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Address: 1151 N. High Street
    Ages: 18+
    Lineup: Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Toki Wright (Rhymesyers), Zero Star, & StoneCraft

    Hope to see everybody out!!!

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    All Ages show tonight (Fri July 9th) in Fargo, ND


    I posted about this last week but wanted to post a quick reminder about this show tonight in Fargo.  The lineup is Blueprint & DJ Raregroove, Kipp G & Meandyoucrew, Big Zach from Kanser, and many others.  Peep the flyer for the full line-up.  It’s ALL AGES so please come out if you’re in the area.

    Thanks for the support!

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    Blast from the past: the Blueprint vs Funkadelic EP


    After I posted about the upcoming Blueprint Who EP, I was informed that the link i had to Blueprint vs Funkadelic wasn’t working for everybody so I decided to fix it (so that i wouldnt have to worry about it going down again), and also so that the people who may have missed it the first time around can actually get up on it before i put out the next release in the series.  If you already downloaded it when it came out in 2008 this version I’ve uploaded is at CD quality, as opposed to the lower quality mp3s that were previously available.


    Please take a listen and if you like it please spread the word.  The delux version of the release is available HERE and ships with an 11×17 poster (see above image) and all instrumentals for $7.99. Listening is great but supporting is even better.


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    New Blueprint EP in February


    who-artworkA couple years back i released a free ep called Blueprint vs Funkadelic.  It was something i did for fun in the studio and to kind of pay tribute to a band who i had recently rediscovered thru the wonders of vinyl.  A lot of artists and producers do “mashups”, where they take existing vocals and put them over something else, but i try to do this series of record differently, by writing original material and not recycling rhymes.  If you haven’t checked out Blueprint vs Funkadelic before please check it out and get ready for the next installment.

    I’ve decided to do this again, but using music from The Who. Blueprint Who will be released sometime in February.  The promo version will be free to download, and the delux version will come with a free poster, sticker, as well as the instrumentals.  Stay tuned for more specific details.

    Thanks for the support!

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    Upcoming Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) Tour Dates




    Saturday January 30th – Columbus, OH @ Carabar – FREE SHOW
    Thursday February 25 – Champaign, IL – venue tba
    Friday February 26th – Minneapolis, MN @ The Triple Rock
    Saturday February 27th – Madison, WI @ The Annex

    Bitch, its Greenhouse! Hope to see you all out!

    p.s. as always if you havent peeped the free greenhouse ep yet, download it here

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    Jan 30th FREE Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) show in Columbus, OH



    I’ve mentioned this on Facebook and on Twitter a few times before but this is the official announcement and flyer for it. Saturday January 30th, 2010 @ Carabar (115 parsons) in Columbus, OH.  The line-up is Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Apocalypse Inc, All Eyes Path, and DJ Johnny Cashola on the turntables.  We will also have a bboy battle earlier in the night and debut the “Cold Out Here” music video on the screen there.  If you live in Columbus or the surrounding area we hope to see you all out!

    Any requests?  Hit up the comments section and let us know!











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    Little Things That Bug Me


    I hate when I’m in an almost empty restaurant and somebody sits at a table that’s not at least two tables away from me.

    Even worse is when they sit at a table that’s one table away from me and sit in a direction facing me. It makes me feel like they’re watching me eat, or that every-time I look up I look like I’m watching them eat.

    If I go to see a movie at a time when its not busy it bugs me when people sit anywhere near me. I’m a firm believer that if there are less people in the movie than rows in the theater, everybody should have their own row, and one row apart preferably so nobody has to hear anybody Else’s dumb ass comments or have somebody kicking the back of
    their chair in an empty ass movie.

    The above theory also applies to any form of public transit.

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    My apologies for the lack of blogging over the past 4-6 weeks.  Its not that I dont have things to blog about that i don’t think are interesting, its more that lately all the stuff i want to write about is about music. It’s very rare that i really wanna write about music and share perspectives or philosophy.  I tend to think that me blogging about music can come off pretentious or arrogant.

    And the entire reason i have been wanting to talk about music so much is because over the past 6-7 weeks i feel more dedicated to music than i have the entire 7 years that this has been my job.  I literally have been doing almost nothing but music, and have been more happy about doing it than ever.  I honestly feel like such a lucky person just to have the chance to do this job, that when i put things into perspective it made me feel like i hadn’t been working hard enough. 

    And as wild as this may seem I can honestly say that for the first time in my career, I want to be great.  I want to do great music.  Not just be dope, have fun, get pussy, make money and all that shit that comes along with doing it for a living.  I really want to commit myself to it, and take it as far as my talent can take me.  But with that ambition comes a LOT of commitment, which is where i am now. 

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    Blueprint in Producer Showcase 8/22

    On Saturday August 22nd, I will be participating in a producer showcase at Check The Rhyme, a monthly hip-hop showcase in Columbus ohio. If you’re from columbus and want to hear a glimpse into what I’ve been working on lately then come check me out. Its going to be at Cafe Bourbon Street (2216 Summit street).

    Peep the above flyer for more info on the event for more info: