New Blueprint EP in February


who-artworkA couple years back i released a free ep called Blueprint vs Funkadelic.  It was something i did for fun in the studio and to kind of pay tribute to a band who i had recently rediscovered thru the wonders of vinyl.  A lot of artists and producers do “mashups”, where they take existing vocals and put them over something else, but i try to do this series of record differently, by writing original material and not recycling rhymes.  If you haven’t checked out Blueprint vs Funkadelic before please check it out and get ready for the next installment.

I’ve decided to do this again, but using music from The Who. Blueprint Who will be released sometime in February.  The promo version will be free to download, and the delux version will come with a free poster, sticker, as well as the instrumentals.  Stay tuned for more specific details.

Thanks for the support!