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    Looking for Some Session Musicians


    One of the early benefits of attempting to change my home production setup into a more mobile one is that it has made me question all parts of my creative process.  I’ve realized that there are certain points in my process where the momentum I have in creating art comes to a standstill. In most instances, this is caused by a technical flaw in my workflow.  A example of something like this would be not having enough midi inputs or cables to connect a drum machine that I really like. The fact that the drum machine isn’t connected all the time makes connecting it an inconvenience, and therefore reduces the likelihood I’ll use it.

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    Shot Composition As It Relates to Music Videos

    take two print 1

    Although I’ve been pretty active with the camera in the last couple of years, it’s been a while since I entered the music video realm. Well, I’m officially back.

    The first music video I shot was for “10 Stone” for my good friend and fellow artist, Latimore Platz back in the winter of 2010.  The fact that I volunteered for the job didn’t stop me from being any less nervous about it.

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    Song Lyrics: “Next Generation”

    “I’m sayin’, a lotta things change

    fades and slang change, clothes and chains change

    Back in the day bangin Slick Rick and Dana Dane

    Airbrushed jacks, fat laces, name plates

    Gold done come and gone, now the platinum chains hang

    they deep with white tees, all rockin the same thang

    Gazelles and finger-waves to dreads and stunna shades

    went from G-Rap and Kane to Kanye and Lil Wayne

    I was a shorty then, I couldn’t even stay up late

    Still caught the bug when David Bowie sang of “fame”

    Went from Reganomics, pro-black in ’88

    to Dre and The Chronic, red and blue, the gang bang

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    Greenhouse hoodies are back in stock

    As old man winter continues to strengthen his hold on our collective asses, the good people at Weightless Recordings have decided to bring back one of the most popular merch items, the Greenhouse hooded sweatshirt.  These have been out of stock since Greenhouse‘s spring tour with Killah Priest, but they are officially back and in two colors; Black w/ Silver print and Green with white print.   If you slept last time around, you should probably wake up and pick up one this time around.  Any hoodie ships with a free greenhouse CD of your choice.  Choose size and title in the checkout cart.

    Greenhouse Hoodie + Free CD: $25 Add to cart

    Thanks for the support!

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    Greenhouse “Hello World” (Deconstructed) Video

    A few months back when we released Electric Purgatory Part Two I went on facebook and asked if anybody would be interested in us putting together some videos where we talk about the creative process and the making of the project.  Pretty much everybody was in favor of it, so Illogic and I started shooting.  Now that I’m home from tour I finally I was able to put the first video together.

    Our goal is to do one for each song on the EP assuming people like it or find it informative and/or entertaining.  If you haven’t checked out the EP yet, listen here:

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    Song Lyrics: The Spin Cycle

    “The Spin Cycle” – from Electric Purgatory Part Two by Greenhouse

    A dollar’s hard to earn
    The drama’s hard to kill
    Even if you got God you gotta guard your grill
    Times is hard
    With or without a job it’s ill
    People standing outside like it’s a fire drill
    Just a consequence of living in a modern world
    Cash rules so people bow to the dollar bill
    Might stab you in the back
    holler at your girl
    They rap about make-believe, package it, then call it real
    Major labels crying foul
    Saying nothing sells

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    Electric Purgatory – Tour Edition Artwork

    To continue with the theme of getting ready for tour, one decision I didn’t have a difficult time making was to bring a Greenhouse CD with me. Actually, I did have a hard time choosing between volume one and volume two, but then I decided to make it a double-cd and bring both–problem solved.  As an opener on a tour like this they give you a set amount of merch you can bring (only x amount of t-shirts and only x amount of CDs), so you have to be very selective about it and bring what you think makes the most sense.  In the past i had brought the Iron & Niacin and Vitamins & Minerals CDs, but this time around I’ve decided to make a special 2-CD version of the Electric Purgatory CDs, with completely different artwork and everything. I got a copy of the artwork last night and I think the graphic designer did an amazing job so I wanted to post the artwork:

    [nggallery id=13]

    If you’ve got some time check out my dude’s design blog TheDigitalArmory.  He’s a good dude and does really good work.

    Word is Blog

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    Sat. July 24th – Electric Purgatory Part 2 CD Release Party


    If you live in Columbus or the surrounding areas, please mark your calendars! The CD release party for Electric Purgatory Part Two will be held next weekend

    Date: Saturday July 24th, 2010
    Columbus, OH
    Address: 1151 N. High Street
    Ages: 18+
    Lineup: Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Toki Wright (Rhymesyers), Zero Star, & StoneCraft

    Hope to see everybody out!!!

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    MP3: Greenhouse “Smile” from Electric Purgatory Part Two


    Alright folks, here’s the first leak from the upcoming Electric Purgatory Part Two release by Greenhouse titled “Smile”.  If you like it please use the Facebook share and Twitter share buttons to repost it and help us spread the word about it.  Also feel free to hit the comment section up.


    Electric Purgatory Part Two available on July 24th.  Produced by Blueprint. Guest appearances from Aesop Rock and Toki Wright.

    Word is blog.

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    Electric Purgatory Part Two CD & Release Party Details

    Alright friends, the time for Electric Purgatory Part Two is here.  The official release party will be on Saturday July 24 in Columbus Ohio @ Skullys.  If somehow you missed part one, download the promo-version here or order a physical copy w/ poster & instrumentals here.  Here are the details for the electric purgatory part two CD release party:


    • Sat July 24th @ Skullys
    • Performing at the release party are Greenhouse (Blueprint +Illogic), Toki Wright (rhymesayers), Zero Star (Weightless), & Stonecraft, & DJ Rare Groove
    • 18+ to enter, 9pm doors
    • CD Version will come w/ free poster + instrumentals like part one and swill ship to arrive by Saturday July 24th
    • Part Two features guest appearances from Toki Wright and Aesop Rock
    • Promo version will be released on Tuesday July 20th

    Thanks for the support!

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    Sat. July 24th = Electric Purgatory Part Two

    [singlepic id=29 w=320 h=240 float=none]

    All has been quiet on the home-front, while we took some time to decide when we were going to release the next Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) EP, but we’re happy to announce the decision has been made.  Electric Purgatory Part Two will be released Saturday July 24th.  Part Two features guest appearances from Aesop Rock (Def Jux) and Toki Wright (Rhymesayers) and is produced by Blueprint. Here are the details:

    – The promo version of Electric Purgatory Part Two EP will be released earlier the week of the 24th.

    – The Delux version will be sold for $4.99 and will come with a free 11×17 poster and the instrumentals.

    – There will be a deal where you can get a greenhouse t-shirt + EP + poster for $15.

    – The CD Release party will be held saturday july 24th in columbus ohio at skullys.  So far the lineup is Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic) and Toki Wright.  The final lineup will be confirmed soon.

    That’s all for now.  I’m going to post this again tomorrow separately but peep this Greenhouse 102 video:


    And if you don’t have the electric purgatory part one ep download it here:


    Thanks for the support yall!

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    Greenhouse “Cold Out Here” music video (HD version)

    MVI_3108 (00440)

    The official music video for “Cold Out Here” Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), from the Electric Purgatory Part One EP, directed by Bangland Media.

    Download the EP here:


    or here:


    Electric Purgatory Part 2 coming soon, featuring guest appearances from Aesop Rock and Toki Wright.

    Also, please e-mail me at info(at)printmatic.net if you have a video show and need a clean version of the video and we will send you a download link.

    Thanks for the support,