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    Song Lyrics: “Next Generation”

    “I’m sayin’, a lotta things change

    fades and slang change, clothes and chains change

    Back in the day bangin Slick Rick and Dana Dane

    Airbrushed jacks, fat laces, name plates

    Gold done come and gone, now the platinum chains hang

    they deep with white tees, all rockin the same thang

    Gazelles and finger-waves to dreads and stunna shades

    went from G-Rap and Kane to Kanye and Lil Wayne

    I was a shorty then, I couldn’t even stay up late

    Still caught the bug when David Bowie sang of “fame”

    Went from Reganomics, pro-black in ’88

    to Dre and The Chronic, red and blue, the gang bang

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    Song Lyrics: The Spin Cycle

    “The Spin Cycle” – from Electric Purgatory Part Two by Greenhouse

    A dollar’s hard to earn
    The drama’s hard to kill
    Even if you got God you gotta guard your grill
    Times is hard
    With or without a job it’s ill
    People standing outside like it’s a fire drill
    Just a consequence of living in a modern world
    Cash rules so people bow to the dollar bill
    Might stab you in the back
    holler at your girl
    They rap about make-believe, package it, then call it real
    Major labels crying foul
    Saying nothing sells