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Song Lyrics: The Spin Cycle

“The Spin Cycle” – from Electric Purgatory Part Two by Greenhouse

A dollar’s hard to earn
The drama’s hard to kill
Even if you got God you gotta guard your grill
Times is hard
With or without a job it’s ill
People standing outside like it’s a fire drill
Just a consequence of living in a modern world
Cash rules so people bow to the dollar bill
Might stab you in the back
holler at your girl
They rap about make-believe, package it, then call it real
Major labels crying foul
Saying nothing sells
Out of touch with youth
All they do is yell
They say all we do is download, pirate, and steal
but twenty bucks for two good songs? they can go to hell
We know it all to well
The fleecing of our pockets
Study what works, copy it, make a profit
Tax us to high hell
pennies to the artist
Whoever American Idol labels as the hottest
It’s all related
Pieces start falling in place
The only trait they demonstrate is the eagerness to imitate
Like Ford or GM, a similar fate
They like to blame it on the workers when the product doesn’t innovate
Every year a little less is on your dinner plate
The stress makes you refi
your house is a piggybank
Probably pocket change to some rich tycoon
It’s just the spin cycle, we’ll be dry soon

– written by Blueprint

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