Song Lyrics

Song Lyrics: “Next Generation”

“I’m sayin’, a lotta things change

fades and slang change, clothes and chains change

Back in the day bangin Slick Rick and Dana Dane

Airbrushed jacks, fat laces, name plates

Gold done come and gone, now the platinum chains hang

they deep with white tees, all rockin the same thang

Gazelles and finger-waves to dreads and stunna shades

went from G-Rap and Kane to Kanye and Lil Wayne

I was a shorty then, I couldn’t even stay up late

Still caught the bug when David Bowie sang of “fame”

Went from Reganomics, pro-black in ’88

to Dre and The Chronic, red and blue, the gang bang

Big ass computers, punch cards and mainframes

now one little microchip can do all the same things

it’s more modern now. I’m tryin to maintain

it’s all behind me now, but things still seem strange…

It’s been a couple of years, but Greenhouse is still here

Had to figure out where we go from here

but when I looked at the past it was crystal clear

I’m talking VCRs, Beta-max, VHS

hi-bias TDKs and blank Maxell cassettes

Now it’s Netflicks, Tivo, and On-Demand

The death of the daily paper get your news from the net

CDs? They about to be gone next

it’s all about your cell phones and blue-tooth headsets

I used to have the flyest walkman

Now my iPhone gimme GPS directions while I’m walking

Went from Members Only, Lee jeans, and Izod

to Bape hoodies, ivisu jeans, and Ipods

We used to actually sit down and write letters

but now it’s all Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter

Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordon

to Kobe Bryant, King James, & Tim Duncan

But if you living, you gotta love it

the shit you feel the most is the shit you never saw coming…”

Blueprint (from the song “Next Generation” by Greenhouse on Electric Purgatory Part One)