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    POLL: What Soul Position songs should I perform?

    Although I do have many fans that have been with me since I first started releasing music in the early 2000s, I’ve noticed that a large part of my fanbase is divided into two groups: those who know me primarily from my 1988 and Adventures in Counter-Culture albums, and those know me primarily from my Soul Position work with producer RJD2.  The last Soul Position album was released in 2006 and although RJ and I have worked together since then (most notably the track “the good life” that was released two weeks ago), we have yet to release a full-length album.  RJ and I remain good friends and are definitely trying to align our schedules to work on some new material, but I can’t make any promises how or when that will manifest itself. But rest assured, we’re both working towards making it happen.

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    POLL: B-Sides & Unreleased Stuff

    The process of writing The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture has caused me to revisit the album in a way that I never anticipated. Fifteen, songs with fifteen different stories. Yet, writing it reminded me of just how many songs I did that didn’t make the album. I probably did about 75-100 songs, many of which were not good enough to make the album. However, there are another group of songs that were really good, but just didn’t fit the vibe of what I was trying to do. I’ve been revisiting these songs lately, and feel like I can actually put out an album of these songs that is completely different than Adventures in Counter-Culture but really dope. The question is whether you all would be interested in it. It wouldn’t necessarily be “real” album in the traditional sense and it would be primarily for my real fans. That being said, I figured I should ask you guys first.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in this.

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    Thanks for your input.

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    Is 50 cent really smart or really lucky?

    Regardless of how you feel about his albums or his current releases, it goes without saying that 50 cent is a successful artist.  Aside from his obvious knack for beef, he’s always had something about him that stood out amongst his peers, and most of the time that wasn’t even the music he made, most of the time it was his personality.  For years, he’s stirred up just enough controversy, and exposed just enough of his personal life to stay relevant and keep us tuned in.  He does charity work, movies, gives great interviews, and always has a well thought-out strategy for developing his artists.  While the music he’s been making since his debut album has left a lot to be desired, I’ve always thought this cat was pretty entertaining, and pretty much chalked his success up to his personality and story.

    But lately I’ve started to admire him for another reason, that has nothing to do with his personality.  The fact of the matter is that 50 cent is a pretty damn smart dude, and his personality is just a function of that intelligence.

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    Should I bring back the forum?

    UPDATE: The forum is back! Register HERE

    Many peoples first knowledge of me as an artist was thru the independent label that I ran for several years, Weightless Recordings, and the website weightless.net.  Throughout the years of running the website, the forum was always a very prominent part of it, serving as our own community within the hip-hop community.  Somewhere you could go and interact with some really interesting and funny people about a variety of topics.

    Well, at any rate, since I’ve been touring so much in support of Adventures in Counter-Culture I can no longer really run Weightless, so I want to explore the option of bringing the message board/forum to printmatic.net.   I realize that things have changed a lot over the years with more social networking sites like twitter and facebook, and that some people may have either never used forums before or have found other ways to communicate with artists, but there are still a number of sites that have very active forum communities, so I figure it’s worth asking and exploring.

    So let me know how you feel:

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    Please vote for one of these logos

    While working on various video projects this summer, it dawned on me that I should probably have a production company with an actual name.  Not that I’m I’m really a fan of formality and shit like that, but I guess if I’m going to be doing stuff for more people than just myself or my homies I might want to think a little bigger, you know?  So I decided to name it Grand Griot, and I asked my guy to put together some logos for me.  I was having a hard time choosing one so I decided to get some feedback from yall about it.

    Please take a look and vote for your favorite one.

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    POLL: Light Blue T-Shirt design (UPDATED)

    #1 - vertical design

    Ahh, it’s that time of year–time to tour and time to choose t-shirt designs for tour. This one is a little bit of an easier choice, since it’s one basic design laid out with two different variations. The variation is subtle; the text in one design is laid out horizontally and the other is horizontal, but that subtlety is why I would like to get some votes on it. I’ve got one that’s my favorite, but if you could take a second and let me know what you think by hitting up the poll below it would be greatly appreciated.

    So here’s the same design, but laid out horizontally: