Should I bring back the forum?

UPDATE: The forum is back! Register HERE

Many peoples first knowledge of me as an artist was thru the independent label that I ran for several years, Weightless Recordings, and the website weightless.net.  Throughout the years of running the website, the forum was always a very prominent part of it, serving as our own community within the hip-hop community.  Somewhere you could go and interact with some really interesting and funny people about a variety of topics.

Well, at any rate, since I’ve been touring so much in support of Adventures in Counter-Culture I can no longer really run Weightless, so I want to explore the option of bringing the message board/forum to printmatic.net.   I realize that things have changed a lot over the years with more social networking sites like twitter and facebook, and that some people may have either never used forums before or have found other ways to communicate with artists, but there are still a number of sites that have very active forum communities, so I figure it’s worth asking and exploring.

So let me know how you feel:

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