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    DOWNLOAD: “Best of Blueprint” Mix

    click cover to download

    This past weekend I played at a festival called Tribez Vibez in Bellefountain, Ohio. It was a really cool experience and I was able to make some new fans there. In fact, I think the feedback I got after I got off the stage was some of the most inspiring feedback I’ve heard in years–really positive people!  At any rate, while I was selling some CDs I realized that (as an artist that has released a lot of music over the years) sometimes it’s very hard for me to tell somebody what album to start with. So I came home determined to put together a free mix of songs that people tell me are their favorite songs from my catalog. I figure that’s better than when you buy a best of cd from the store and only realize that some major label asshole decided to only put 2-3 good songs it.  If you’re new to my music this should be a perfect introduction.  If you’re coming out to any of the shows on this upcoming tour then these songs should serve as a refresher for you.  It’s 17 tracks long.

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    Mo Better Blues

    For some reason I’ve been thinking it was a day earlier than it was all week and I just realized that today is Friday.  So here’s some Friday music.  The song is called “Mo Better Blues” by Branford Marsalis.  It’s the theme song to the classic flick Mo Better Blues by Spike Lee.  This is the kinda song that feels good to throw on after you get off work and you’re ready to take your mind elsewhere.  Enjoy!

    Have a good weekend!

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    DOWNLOAD: Electric Purgatory Part Two by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)

    • The wait is over.  Electric Purgatory Part Two is here.  All rhymes by Blueprint & Illogic, with guest appearances from Aesop Rock, Toki Wright, and Angelica Lee.  All tracks produced by Blueprint.  Download the promo version here:

      All we ask is that if you like it, PLEASE share it. Post it on your facebook page, retweet it, post it on your myspace, etc.  If you have a blog, please post the download link there.  We would like the music to reach as many people as possible, and for that we need your help, even if it’s just one person. You can copy & past the following link anywhere:

    • If you live in Columbus or the surrounding areas, we hope to see you out this Saturday night @ skullys for the Electric Purgatory PT 2 CD Release Party.  Performances by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic), Toki Wright, Zero Star, and Stonecraft.  18+ event. 9pm doors.
    • To purchase a retail version of Electric Purgatory Part Two, please visit  It ships with a free 11×17 poster and a bonus cd with the instrumentals for $7.99.  We also have a deal going where you can order the CD + poster + instrumentals + a Greenhouse T-shirt for just $20.  All orders will ship this Friday the 23rd.
    • Also, before i forget. I’ve been getting asked about whether “Greenhouse 102” will appear on the EP.  It will not be available on the promo-version that we’re releasing right now, but it will be a bonus track on the retail digital version, which should be available tomorrow.

    That’s all for now.  Thank you for your support. 


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    Greenhouse “Only You” – featuring Toki Wright & Angelica Lee


    Here’s the latest leak from the upcoming Greenhouse release Electric Purgatory Part Two, to be released next week! Listen, download, enjoy!

    If you like it please use the share buttons to post it to your twitter and facebook pages.  You’ve got pretty good taste, and your friends probably do too!

    Thanks for the support!

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    Carla Bley “Ida Lupino”


    Every now and then I stumble upon a song that is just so good that I want to share it with people, and I guess having this blog allows me to do that.

    Today’s song is “Ida Lupino” by Carla Bley, from her album Dinner Music. Carla is a pianist and jazz artist. She also plays alto-sax on this song.

    The song because its so amazing that it pretty much speaks for itself, so here it goes:

    Paula Bley “Ida Lupino”

    Download and Enjoy!

    Word is blog

    p.s. hit the comments up and let me know if you like this. if so, I may do more of it in the future.


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    MP3: Greenhouse “Smile” from Electric Purgatory Part Two


    Alright folks, here’s the first leak from the upcoming Electric Purgatory Part Two release by Greenhouse titled “Smile”.  If you like it please use the Facebook share and Twitter share buttons to repost it and help us spread the word about it.  Also feel free to hit the comment section up.

    Electric Purgatory Part Two available on July 24th.  Produced by Blueprint. Guest appearances from Aesop Rock and Toki Wright.

    Word is blog.

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    Blast from the past: the Blueprint vs Funkadelic EP


    After I posted about the upcoming Blueprint Who EP, I was informed that the link i had to Blueprint vs Funkadelic wasn’t working for everybody so I decided to fix it (so that i wouldnt have to worry about it going down again), and also so that the people who may have missed it the first time around can actually get up on it before i put out the next release in the series.  If you already downloaded it when it came out in 2008 this version I’ve uploaded is at CD quality, as opposed to the lower quality mp3s that were previously available.

    Please take a listen and if you like it please spread the word.  The delux version of the release is available HERE and ships with an 11×17 poster (see above image) and all instrumentals for $7.99. Listening is great but supporting is even better.


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    Download “Still Shook” MP3 from “Columbus or Bust” Rerelease



    Back in 2005 Greenhouse Effect released a record called Columbus or Bust right around the same time that 1988 came out.  Because we wanted to try to get better distribution situation for the record we licensed it to a label called Raptivism records.  Boy was that a bad idea.  Basically, they didn’t do anything they were supposed to do and looking back we would’ve been better off releasing this album ourselves.

    Columbus or Bust has been out of print for a very long time (mostly because we didnt want to risk them pursuing us legally) but as far as I know Raptivism isn’t even in business anymore, so we think its high time this record was released properly.  So, in January we will be rereleasing a delux version of the Columbus or Bust.  It will be available for the first time Tuesday January 26th on iTunes, and the delux 2CD version will ship from our site on the 26th.  We will also release the promo version on the 26th.

    The delux version will include revised artwork, all instrumentals, as well as a 11×17 poster, sticker, and maybe even some other promo that’s not listed yet.  For now check out the below song to get a taste of what the album sounds like:

    Download and help spread the word.

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    FREE MP3: Grayskul feat. Blueprint “Blueskul”


    In 2005, shortly after my album 1988 came out, i was on the Scribble Jam tour with my dude DJ Raregroove, Mr. Dibbs, and Glue.  The tour ended in Portland, OR but instead of driving back with everybody else, me and raregroove decided to spend a few days in Portland kicking it and then fly back to Ohio later that week.  Considering everybody else on the tour was gonna be trapped in a bus for 2 or 3 days in route to Ohio, getting drunk everyday and kicking it in portland seemed like a much better option. So we played darts, went out, dug for records, and while i was there i recorded a song with my fellow rhymesayers brethren Grayskul.   The song is called “Blueskul” and its produced by Coley Cole.

    It was intentionally slated for their second album Deadlivers, but the song didn’t make the cut.  Considering I hadnt heard the song since i wrote and recorded it (and had never heard a version with Greyskuls verses on it), i was was pretty happy they sent it to me last week.  Either way the song is now 5 years old and since nobody has really heard it i figure i would give it to you all.

    Here is a link to the song:

    word is blog

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    FREE MP3 Download: “Gettin There” by Greenhouse (Blueprint & Illogic)


    As many of you know the first records i ever worked on were as a part of my crew Greenhouse Effect, from Columbus Ohio.  Many things have happened and thru the years the cast has changed, and some people have come and gone.  But since we started out with this Greenhouse shit as the foundation of this the weightless recordings movement, Illogic and I have decided to continue carrying the torch.  We have been working on material together off and on for the past year or so, and will be releasing an EP called “Electric Purgatory – Part One” on Tuesday November 24th on Weightless Recordings.  The EP will be the first in a two part series that will be completely free to download.  The CD version will come with all the instrumentals and a free poster, and available at

    So with that said, here’s a little something we decided to give to everybody as a way to get things rolling:

    Download link is HERE

    Please help spread the word using the icons below to post to whatever social network you feel necessary.


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    Blueprint “1988” (video version download)

    Last year i did a little video for the song “1988”.  It was basically a picture collage of all the significant things that happened in the year 1988 or were poppin in the year 1988.  However the video version of the song is a slightly different than the album version of the song.  I did this to make the song a little easier to perform and to have something special for cats to hear when they come to the show as opposed to how they hear it on the record. Since then I’ve gotten several requests to post this version of the song, so here it is:

    LISTEN: Blueprint “1988” (video version)

    Here’s the direct download link:

    The video can now be viewed in the sidebar.

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