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    King No Crown Movie Update: Who Wants A Screening in Their City?

    Its been a couple of weeks since I wrote any updates on the King No Crown movie that I’ve been working on. This wasn’t because things haven’t been happening or because I haven’t been working on the film–I certainly have–I just wanted to get a few things ironed out before I gave another update.

    In my last update, I was deep in the not-so-fun post-production process. Although I’m not 100% finished with with post-production, I am very close. I’m at least close enough to where I feel comfortable moving forward with the next step, which is…

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    King No Crown Movie Update: Time to Make a Trailer

    Photo by C. Piehowicz

    This has been an exciting week as far as progress for my King No Crown movie goes.

    After a two-week setback that was caused by converting my entire film over to a newer version of Final Cut Pro, I finally finished redoing the color and most of the sound. This allowed me to get the film back where it was before I decided to convert it. Even better, because I now have more powerful features than I did before, things are actually looking and sounding better than they did before. Initially, I wasn’t happy about sacrificing two to three weeks redoing work I had already done but, now that it’s finished, I’m convinced it was worth it. It looks and sounds better than it did before all this, which is all that I could ask.

    This week, I started working on a trailer for the film.

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    I’m Scoring an Independent Movie

    In my book, The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture, I go into great detail about the role that television and movies have played in creating my music. During my most intense periods of music creation, there are times when I will watch three or four movies a day while I’m in the studio.  Although I don’t actively “watch” them – the sound is usually off or very low – they are on in the background providing images and inspiration.