My New Book “The Social Media Cheat Code” is Finally Here!

I can’t express how excited I am to announce the release of my 5th book, The Social Media Cheat Code.  I poured everything I had into this book with one goal in mind: to help people by making social media easy for them.  And I truly believe in my heart that I’ve done it with this book.  If you’re an artist, creative, business owner, or anything in-between, I promise this book will make your life a lot easier.   Here’s some of what I cover in the book:

What days and times are best to post

What elements make a post work or fail

How to get more engagement from your followers organically

How to use current events to your advantage

The importance of automation and repurposing your content

How to choose collaborators

How to make things easier for you followers to support you

And much much more…

Preorders for the book start today and ship on June 25th.  We’ve got preorder packages that include exclusive t-shirt designs, bookmarks, and signed books.   Hard to believe this is the second book I’m releasing in less than a year, but I couldn’t be more excited to share it with y’all. 

Order your signed copy here:

Thanks for your support!


My latest album Two-Headed Monster is out now.  Order/Listen here HERE