What The Hell Have I Been Up To?

In preparation for my new album I have shot a couple of music videos; one for a song called “keep bouncing” and another for a song called “radioinactive”. The video for Keep Bouncing was shot at my favorite wateringhole in Columbus, Carabar. The video for Radioinactive was shot in New York while i was on tour this past fall with Atmosphere. I’ve noticed that a lot of cats will talk about shooting “low-budget” videos, but that can be very decieving because low budget is relative. One man’s low budget might be another mans feature film. Therefore I’ve decided that there should be a new term for shooting videos called “no-budget”. That’s how we’ve been rolling so far, and I want to thank the videographers (justin and shankar) that I’ve worked with thus far for believing in my music enough to do it. I have another shoot scheduled for March. I hope to shoot 1-2 more videos since I don’t have any shows for a while…might as well be productive.

I don’t know how many of you have heard of an artist named Supastition (Kam Moye), but me and him did a song together for one of his upcoming projects. I have always been a fan of his, and I hope that those that haven’t checked him out before will do so. He’s got a free EP for download on his myspace page if you need an introduction.

Since my album is done I’ve been trying to plug away at the new greenhouse album that Illogic and I have been working on. I’m doing all the production on the record, but me and illogic are both rhyming on it. The name of the album is Bend But Don’t Break. We wanted to release it last year but I ended up touring with Atmosphere during that time so we pushed it back. At any rate, things are sounding nice. If you haven’t added the Greenhouse crew yet, please do so! And if you haven’t added my dude Illogic please do. He has a new album coming out on March 24th on our label weightless Recordings ( He and I hope to tour together when the greenhouse album comes out.

Also, we wil be releasing 2 FREE Greenhouse EPs very soon. Please stay tuned, and add us if you haven’t already (, or just subscribe to the blog so when we start blogging you can be in the mix.

I’ve been posting new beats instead of songs because it seems more interesting. Coincidentally i still get at least 4-5 messages a weak from dudes trying to sell me “industry standard” beats, or just regular dudes who want to just give me beats. Cut it out, I’m good.

The release date of my album was originally April 21st but its looking like it’s going to get pushed back a little bit. I’m not completely sure i can speak on why but hopefully everything will be in place soon to get it out, although slightly delayed. Until then yall can find me in Columbus wishing i was somewhere warm…at least the record is done, and has been done for a while, which brings me to the GOOD news…

NEW MUSIC (2 new Blueprint projects! OMG!)
I have two production projects that I am going to release in in a LIMITED run. They are both instrumental projects. One is the follow-up to my Chamber Music instrumental album called “Sign Language”. The other is more of a straight up hip-hop beat cd type of thing called “Weightless Radio”. There will only be 500 copies of each of these CDs, and they will be sold only on I repeat, there will only be 500 of each title, and they will only be sold at, but you can also buy them off this page as well. The reason I repeat this is because when i did the funkadelic project it sold very quickly, and i still had many many many people come to my shows this past fall asking why i wasn’t selling the CD. Shit was gone by then. Then when i tell them that it was gone a long time ago, they tell me i should press more. So i want to tell everybody now BUY THE SHIT WHEN IT’S AVAILABLE, because i dont want to get a shitload of e-mails and people walking up to me saying they saw it for sale and thought it should still be for sale a year or two later when they passed up the chance to get it the first time around. While there are instances where i can save certain titles for the road, i can’t gurantee that happening. but on the brighter side, we will be doing presales. These presales will ship out on average 3-4 business days before the actually release date, therefore you will have it in your hand before everybody else does.

This is the first one:

Blueprint “Sign Language” CD from weightless recordings on Vimeo.