Nike Boots Revisited (Wale was right)

I used to own some Nike Boots back in 2002. I remember I was on tour in Seattle and it was my first time seeing a “real” Nike store. See, I’m from Columbus, OH. We have plenty of shoe stores that sell Nikes, but no real Nike stores; you know, the ones that are like 3 levels and have tons of shit you don’t see anywhere else? Those are the ones I’m talking about.

Even though they were pretty expensive, i bought the Nike boots, and loved them immediately. Unforunately I made the cardinal mistake of touring–never buy shoes you really like on tour, because you’ll wear them on stage and in the club and they will get completely ruined. At least that’s how broke dudes like me do it. So anyway, my Nike boots were ruined by the time i got home with them, and in some strange way I fell out of love with them.

That being said, you have to imagine that I was never really moved when Wale‘s song “Nike Boots“, took off. I didn’t dislike it, I was just like whatever about the song, but it did remind me of my past love affair with Nike boots; although short-lived. So about a month ago, when our first REALLY cold spell hit, i went out looking for some boots and ended up buying some Nike Boots again, the joints above. They cost over 150 bucks but I’ll be damned if those muthafuckas don’t feel anything less than AMAZING when i put em on. They feel so damn good…it’s like I’m learning how to walk all over again, or like I’m walking in 4-pair of socks all the time, or walking on freshly laid 3-inch thick shag carpet, feel me?

So with that, I just want to say thank you Wale. Thank you for reminding me how amazing Nike Boots are–because even though your song has very little to do with how amazing Nike boots actually feel on your feet, it did remind me that I needed them in my life again. I mean, sure Wale says they look good, but who buys $150 pair of shoes just because they look good? Not me!

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