Throwing Quality Live Events

As artists who have both thrown events and been booked to play on events, we’ve been a part of a wide range of shows. From the most organized shows with amazing performances, to the most unorganized shows with terrible performers–we’ve seen it all. And from those experiences, we’ve identified some bulletproof ways to make sure the event you throw is successful on every level. If you’ve been thinking about throwing a live event, this episode will show you how to make sure it’s quality!

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  • Musicmusic

    Another dope episode. Speaking of quality live shows, I just learned that legendary jazz trumpeter Harry ‘Sweets’ Edison (1915-1999) was from Columbus. He played with the Count Basie Band (not Count Bass D, ha), Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. He made the muted trumpet his signature sound. So dope. Columbus OG!

  • printmatic

    That’s dope. I had never heard of him but I will definitely look it up. We often talk about Rosaan Roland Kirk being from Columbus but I hadn’t heard about Harry Edison. Good looking out.