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This is why it’s all worth it

There are times when everybody has moments of self-doubt.  Lord knows I’ve had mine.

But it seems like every time that self-doubt starts to get the best of me I’m brought back to reality by the people that have allowed me to do this in the first place–the fans.  Whether it’s one person or a room full of people, the result is the same–you are humbled and reminded why you go through what you do–because you love doing it, and because the people who support you give you the encouragement to continue.

Well, this weekends show at the Hip-Hoppers Holiday event in St. Louis was another one of those moments when I was reminded why it’s all worth it:

Part One:

Part Two:

Best crowd I’ve played to in a long time, and the event was dope.  Skate ramp, Graffiti, DJs, and fresh local talent. Shout out to DJ Who, Indyground, The Earthworms, All Eyes Path, and all the other cool people I met Saturday.  Can’t wait to hit the road this fall.

Blueprint Who coming very soon…

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