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    “A Hero Dies Once” Official Music Video

    Since last fall, I’ve been running around with the camera pretty heavy, shooting music videos for other artists.  I’ve shot three music videos for Illogic, one for Supastition, and one for Shrapknel (Curley Castro & Prem Rock).  After I shot all of those I decided to shoot one for myself, just to keep my blade sharp and continue to develop my videography skills.  The song “A Hero Dies Once” has been mentioned by my fans as one of their favorite songs on my Two-Headed Monster album, so I decided to shoot a video for it.  So here it is:

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    The Panhandle of Panhandling

    I’ve lived in my current Columbus neighborhood almost my entire life.  I did leave for college and to work for a few years in Cincinnati, but that was it.  The rest of the time, I was living in the same neighborhood that I grew up in. Most of my neighbors have known me and my family since I was just a little kid. The elementary and high schools I went to are both less than half a mile from my house.

    Basically, I grew up on the south side of Columbus and feel really comfortable out here.  Most of that comfort comes from the fact that I understand my neighborhood. While things have naturally changed over time, I had never felt like I had seen anything out here that was out of place or flat-out bizarre.

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    Adventures in Counter-Culture Album Release Party in Columbus 4/9














    If you live in Columbus, OH or the surrounding area then you won’t wanna miss this event.  The official release party for the new Blueprint album Adventures in Counter-Culture will be going down Saturday April 9th in Columbus, OH at Carabar (115 Parsons).  Doors open at 9pm, all ages are invited, and the admission is FREE.  Performers include Blueprint, Bottom Brick.  The music will be provided by DJ True Skills, and there will be a bboy battle from 9pm-1030pm from some of the freshest breakers in our city.  Please come through to check out the show and pick up the new album.

    Thanks for the support!