Last Weeks Random Thoughts

I would probably have roaches if there was actually food to eat in my house. I think my house is where roaches go only if they wanna lose weight.

Is it possible to get tired of rice? Rice never hurt nobody.

Almost anything that I consider boring is pretty exciting if an attractive woman is doing it. Cooking, womens tennis, and world news all become instantly interesting depending on what the woman looks like.

Do women look at mens toes like we look at theirs? I hope not.

I should go have a couple beers at the most hood bar near my house just for the fuck of it. Then blog about it. Nobody blogs about really hood places.

Why is it I never get tired of watch blacksploitation movies? Or 70s kung fu flicks?

Pam Grier in her prime is finer than every woman I’ve ever dated, and its not even close.

Most people who do beats are boring as fuck. If producers actually had something interesting to say then they probably would’ve been rappers in the first place instead of producers.

I’ve only drank in a few gay bars in my day but I gotta say that the mens bathrooms there are amazingly clean. I would actually take a shit in one of their bathrooms if I ever needed to.

Word is blog.