If You Hate Your Job, Then Get a Different Job


I just had a very awful customer experience checking into a hotel this afternoon.  When I got to the hotel, the lady at the desk told me to come back in two hours because the room we needed wasn’t available.  I didn’t have a problem with that, so I paid for my room and told her I would be back at the time she asked.

Things went for bad when I returned a couple hours later.  After standing in line, she asked me “Can I help you?”  I was a bit confused that she had forgotten me already and showed her my paperwork. After looking it over, she started asking me for information that she had already gotten from me, looking visibly frustrated as I calmly pointed out that she already had the information.  Then she said,”Why is there so much paperwork?” as she leafed through the paperwork that she had given me just two hours prior.  It took her about five more minutes to assign a room to me, all the while she was grunting and sighing underneath her breath, as if assigning people rooms they paid for is the most difficult job on earth.  After getting my room, I realized that she never told me which building the room was in, so I went back to look at the room chart. When she saw me glancing at it she said,”it’s in the second building” which is true, but didn’t tell me what side of the building the room was on.  I just ignored her and looked for myself.

The next man in line had requests that drove this lady to the point of having a meltdown.  At one point she blurted out, “I’m doing the best that I can!” and started to look like she was about to cry because she couldn’t find this elderly man’s room fast enough.  He had a simple request, but she was so busy telling him that she didn’t have that many rooms that she wasn’t listening to him.  It was a mess.

As I walked to my car I realized that I was now in a shitty mood, which wasn’t the case before I walked in there.  On one hand, I was upset at myself for letting her affect my mood.  But on the other hand, I was pissed at her for projecting that negativity onto everybody that walked into that hotel.  This lady was having a bad day – and probably has them very often judging by how she dealt with it – and her energy was contagious. Clearly, she is unhappy with her job and needs to be doing something else for a living.  As to what that “something else” is, I have no idea.  Only she knows.  I only know that she needs to change asap.

The entire experience made me think that if you hate your job, you should change it.

Not just for yourself, but because of what that kind of energy does to everybody around you.  I only dealt with her for 15 minutes. I could only imagine what her family and friends feel like after dealing with her when she gets home every day from that job.  It’s very easy to view being unhappy or depressed as something that only affects us, but that’s far from the truth. Energy is contagious; positive and negative.  Meaning, the way we feel and the energy we project effects our reality and the people around us.  A negative attitude is cancerous, metaphorically and literally.  It spreads into the people around us and brings them down, and it can actually cause you to get physically sick.  That’s all bad.

I’m sure somebody is going to point out that it’s not always easy changing jobs, and I get that.  Trust me, I may be an entrepreneur now, but I’ve worked many shitty jobs in my life.  But what’s important here is to remember that although we may not always have control over our circumstances, we do have control of our perspective.  Often times, our negative perspective only serves to exaggerate the circumstances we face and makes things harder for us to navigate.

That said, if you hate your job, then get a different job.

If you can’t do it for you, then do it for the people around you.

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