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    If You Hate Your Job, Then Get a Different Job


    I just had a very awful customer experience checking into a hotel this afternoon.  When I got to the hotel, the lady at the desk told me to come back in two hours because the room we needed wasn’t available.  I didn’t have a problem with that, so I paid for my room and told her I would be back at the time she asked.

    Things went for bad when I returned a couple hours later.  After standing in line, she asked me “Can I help you?”  I was a bit confused that she had forgotten me already and showed her my paperwork. After looking it over, she started asking me for information that she had already gotten from me, looking visibly frustrated as I calmly pointed out that she already had the information.  Then she said,”Why is there so much paperwork?” as she leafed through the paperwork that she had given me just two hours prior.  It took her about five more minutes to assign a room to me, all the while she was grunting and sighing underneath her breath, as if assigning people rooms they paid for is the most difficult job on earth.  After getting my room, I realized that she never told me which building the room was in, so I went back to look at the room chart. When she saw me glancing at it she said,”it’s in the second building” which is true, but didn’t tell me what side of the building the room was on.  I just ignored her and looked for myself.