End of Month Sale at Books & MP3s

 From now until the end of this month we will be running a special sale on  There are a number of items on sale already like the $10 t-shirts and $20 Hoodies, but we are adding two big ones: The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture book and all digital downloads. You can now get the physical copy of the book for $10 and all digital albums are setup for “fan price,” which means that you decide what you pay for digital albums.  The price default of zero, and you decide how much or how little you pay.  Please note that the $10 version of the book is signed, but doesn’t come with any of the extras that are available in the other packages like the sticker, t-shirt, instrumental CD, or poster.

The Making of Adventures in Counter-Culture” Book (signed copy but without the extra stuff)- $10 ADD TO CART


Thanks for the support.