Another Kind of Genius

somebody got a big-ass head

I was talking to this cat the other day about music.  This cat is also a musician. Not that my opinion matters, but I’ve never thought he was particularly talented–at least not to the point where I think he’ll make a career out of music or a big impact.  Everything he’s done has been kind of average, and the response to everything he’s done to this point has been average or below average.

Anways, during this conversation I started thinking to myself, “damn, why am I always getting wrapped up in these conversations?” At first I didn’t have an answer.  Maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Maybe I’m just a nice guy?  Then it dawned on me that I always end up talking with him about his music, even when I had no absolutely desire to talk to him about his music. 

I was taken aback.

After some careful thought I realized that, while not a remarkable musician by any means, this dude had somehow managed to get me to talk about his music time and time again without me even noticing it.  I felt kind of embarrassed because as a person who tries to only talk about my music when people ask me, it usually stands out to me when another artist does the opposite, but clearly that wasn’t true with this cat.  I had known him a couple years and failed to see it before.

Conversations that started out about the weather would end up about his music.  Conversations about girls would always come back to his music. Conversations about drinking would always end up about his music. You name it: sports, religion, crocodiles–all paths of conversation led back to the same place, his music.  The worst part was that he wasn’t even smooth about it.  He just kind of stood around look enough to wait for a slight lull in the conversation, and then he went in.

It was at that exact moment that i realized that this dude is a genius. 

Not the kind of genius that can be measured in test scores and degrees from fancy colleges, oh no, this is a special kind of genius.

This guy is a genius of conversation hijacking.

He’s like Lex Luthor, but he only uses his evil genius to take over conversations, not to steal steal money or take over the world.

And for that I give him ultimate props, because that’s another kind of genius that nobody ever talks about.

He may never make it in music, but he ever finds out a way to monetize that skill he’s gonna be the richest person I know.

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