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    Another Kind of Genius

    somebody got a big-ass head

    I was talking to this cat the other day about music.  This cat is also a musician. Not that my opinion matters, but I’ve never thought he was particularly talented–at least not to the point where I think he’ll make a career out of music or a big impact.  Everything he’s done has been kind of average, and the response to everything he’s done to this point has been average or below average.

    Anways, during this conversation I started thinking to myself, “damn, why am I always getting wrapped up in these conversations?” At first I didn’t have an answer.  Maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time?  Maybe I’m just a nice guy?  Then it dawned on me that I always end up talking with him about his music, even when I had no absolutely desire to talk to him about his music. 

    I was taken aback.