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    Fear Comes in Many Disguises


    Although I love the fact that I have been able to create a career as an independent artist and entrepreneur, it is not a perfect career by any means.  That imperfection lies in the fact that art, and people’s perception of it, can change at any time.  Although there is definitely structure and institution within the music industry, music itself is not a fixed commodity; it changes as our culture changes. New trends pop up, in many instances overnight, and change the way we perceive everything that existed before their arrival.  The positive side is that new stars and styles are created, but the negative side is that the existing artists and styles are often displaced.

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    How to Cure Writer’s Block

    For those who write, writer’s block is the antithesis of expression.  As unseen as the common cold and as paralyzing to our creativity as any sickness that attacks our bodies. Those unfortunate enough to catch it are forced to carry on their lives voiceless in a world that barely gave them a voice to begin with.

    As writers, we tend to beat ourselves up over it.  The longer it lasts the more we start to question everything that made us unique, how we got this far, and if we’re really cut out for this field of work.  We worry that maybe we just ran out of “stuff” to write about.  Maybe our lives are just boring and we have nothing to offer.  But following that line of thinking only leads to the most obvious solution, which is to go do something interesting so we’ll have interesting things to write about.  This sounds good on the surface but don’t be fooled.

    I’ll explain.