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    Is 50 cent really smart or really lucky?

    Regardless of how you feel about his albums or his current releases, it goes without saying that 50 cent is a successful artist.  Aside from his obvious knack for beef, he’s always had something about him that stood out amongst his peers, and most of the time that wasn’t even the music he made, most of the time it was his personality.  For years, he’s stirred up just enough controversy, and exposed just enough of his personal life to stay relevant and keep us tuned in.  He does charity work, movies, gives great interviews, and always has a well thought-out strategy for developing his artists.  While the music he’s been making since his debut album has left a lot to be desired, I’ve always thought this cat was pretty entertaining, and pretty much chalked his success up to his personality and story.

    But lately I’ve started to admire him for another reason, that has nothing to do with his personality.  The fact of the matter is that 50 cent is a pretty damn smart dude, and his personality is just a function of that intelligence.