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    The Adventures of Blueprint “Go Hard or Go Home: Behind The Video”

    It's been a while since since I've aired an episode of “The Adventures of Blueprint,” but have no fear, I'm back.  Brand new episode, baby!  This one talks about the upcoming video for “Go Hard or Go Home” and the circumstances that inspired its creation.  Check it out!


    The official music video for “Go Hard or Go Home” will debut next week, on the one-year anniversary of the Adventures in Counter-Culture album.

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    So I’m gonna direct a music video…for myself


    If you’ve been reading this blog for the past year then you know I’ve developed an interest in video/film.  It began last year when I stopped drinking and picked up a ton of books on video production and movie making.  Basically all I did last summer was read and ride my bike all over the place, two things I rarely did while I was drinking.  Shortly thereafter, I borrowed a friends camera and decided to get my feet wet by working on some projects for my friend and fellow artist Latimore Platz.   The first was a series of videos called “Who is Latimore Platz?” and the second was a music video for his song “10 Stone”.

    After those I felt a little more confident in my work, and decided to put together the concept for what turned into The Adventures of Blueprint. I pitched it to Rhymesayers as something that I would direct and produce and they liked it enough to use as the main on-line component for Adventures in Counter-Culture, which to me was a huge confidence booster, especially knowing how critical they are.  It made me feel like maybe I could take on more and more ambitious things, but once the campaign for my record started I found that I didn’t have nearly as much time to work on video projects as I initially thought I would.  I started touring in February of this year and prior to June I had only been home a combined 2 weeks.   While I was on tour in Austin I found somebody on craigslist that was selling the camera I had my eyes on (canon t2i) for super cheap, so I picked it up and started taking pictures again, in hopes that when I had time to sit back down with video I would have a better understanding of photography and therefore be able to capture better images.

    Well, it’s time to get busy.