Super Duty Tough Work Makes Best of 2016 List

In the immortal words of Biz Markie, “damn it feels good to see people up on it.”  My podcast, Super Duty Tough Work, co-hosted by Illogic has made the 5 Best Music Podcasts of 2016 by the Trebel blog.  Considering 2016 was our first full year doing it, it feels good to see people up on it. Check it out: 

“Hip hop artist Blueprint has learned a lot about the independent music scene over the course of his 15+ year career, from his tenure inside indie powerhouse Rhymesayers Entertainment to his entrepreneurial endeavors of his own Weightless Recordings label. He and co-host Illogic offer up useful tips for indie artists looking to further their careers with easily digestible lists and themed episodes. They also weigh in on happenings in the industry with the type of “keep it real” perspective that most shows wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.”

You can peep the whole thing it HERE

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