Paypal problem with Blueprint Who

Some of yall have pointed out that Paypal issued you a refund for your purchase of the digital version of Blueprint Who.  It’s a pretty confusing situation so here’s the explanation:  When I setup the album on Bandcamp (the company that allows us to sell/give away digital downloads), they have a place where you enter your Paypal ID.  Unfortunately, when I entered this i forgot a letter, and therefore my Paypal ID had a typo in it for the first day or two that the album was for sale.  I noticed it and contacted Bandcamp, who told me that Paypal could fix it.  Paypal told me that all those transactions are unclaimed and out there in limbo, so i had the option of either a) contacting my ISP and creating a e-mail address that matches the typo or b) contacting everybody who bought it and telling them to cancel their order and re-order it.  The first option isn’t gonna happen because my ISP is too strict, and the second option seemed like a bad idea as well.  I didn’t want to contact everybody that bought it one by one and tell them to cancel and rebuy it because I fucked up, so I decided to just take my loss like a man and move forward.  I asked them if they could cancel all the transactions and they told me they couldn’t.  Paypal also told me that those transactions would be out there in limbo forever, and I was definitely kinda bummed about it.

However, today they canceled the transactions.  I don’t know if they’ve realized that this is a pretty basic problem that should have had a resolution a long time ago and finally addressed it or what.

Here’s how I feel about it: if you got a refund because of my typo, I’m not tripping about having you pay for it all over again. However, if you were one of the people who got refunded and you do wanna support the kid, there’s a “Paypal Donate” button on the right side of that you can use to repay whatever paypal refunded you.

Either way, thanks for the support.  I sincerely appreciate it.  I should be launching my full-fledged webstore on this site next week sometime, so you can wait and pickup something then if you want to support.

Have a great day!

My latest album Two-Headed Monster is out now.  Order/Listen here HERE