Investing in Yourself

No matter how long you’ve been doing something, there comes a time when you have to get more serious about it. And part of getting more serious means investing in yourself. From money, to time, to skill building–investing in yourself is a must. In this episode we break down why investing in yourself is so important and what happens when you don’t.

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    The Problem with Just Enough. Great episode. There was an article about a former teamate of T Brady’s who said after his best season as a linebacker, he was moping around because he didnt get picked to go to the Pro-bowl. He said that Tom came up to him and said, ‘get yourself together, you think i play this shit to go to Pro-bowls?!’ This really resonated with him, because if you are playing in the Pro-bowl, you are not playing in the Superbowl. The real game. Recognition and a trip to Hawaii is great, but a championship ring is better. Brady is a polarizing figure, but you can’t question his mentality and focus to never settle for Just Enough.