Exceptional Art

so i’m here thinking about music and shit. drunk. as usual.

and it occurs to me that as an artist our entire struggle is to write something “great”. something that defines US. we struggle to come up with fly shit, angry shit, expressive shit, etc in hopes that the common muthafucka that gives a rats ass about art hears that shit and believes in it enough to believe in us, right?

so as i’m warming up my rice and throwing a turkey burger on the foreman grill the thought occurs to me:

what if its not about the song, or the art?

what if how we look at this shit, is all fucked up?

specifically i mean this:

what if, we as people who do art, are EXCEPTIONAL people. Not exceptional artists. Just really interesting, fun, cool people. People who would be interesting to drink with whether or not we were on stage, right? so the thought occurs to me, that exceptional people will be that regardless of whether they write a fucking good song, right? wtf does writing a good song have to do with being a good artist, is my point. Its not about the song, or the painting, or the fucking art–its about the person. exceptional shit is done by people with the aptitude to do so, is my point. not people who are average. or people who dont have it in them. so i look at this shit like “why the fuck am i defining great artists by the great art they created, as opposed to defining great art by the great PERSON that did it.

Look. There’s a LOT of AVERAGE joes in this fucking world. we all can agree there. all of which can do some aight shit. but what happens when an exceptional cat steps up? exceptional shit.

i am now rethinking everything. this shit is some drunk shit, but not without merit so bear with me.

lets take an example. people consider some people “one hit wonders” right? and we look down on them right? but what if a one hit wonder is a regular person who was able to pull some exception shit out of himself? so the question then becomes, what the fuck are YOU? and why aren’t you able to pull some exceptional shit out of yourself? at least to the point to where you don’t feel like a fucking loser ass loser.

but i digress. my point is this: instead of defining great artists by the art they create, we should look at great art as a subset/expression of great person who do created it, feel me?

probably not…but fuck it.

good night. happy valentines day and all that other hallmark shit.