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Dres of Blacksheep talks about Krs One vs PM Dawn Incident

For those that have been into hip-hop as long as I have, the “KRS-ONE vs PM Dawn” incident is one that will always be near and dear to our hearts.  For those that may have never heard of this incident, basically KRS-One didn’t appreciate the super-soft, pop stylings of PM Dawn (who was set to perform his #1 hit at the time) and emerged at one of their shows to a) push them off stage and b) commence to rocking said show in their spot.  No matter how you look at either party, this story is legendary and honestly the type of thing I wish emcees of my generation had the balls to do.  Unfortunately, if this happened today KRS would be labeled a “hater”, and ridiculed for not lettin PM Dawn “get money”.  Funny how things change, huh?

Well at any rate, apparently Blacksheep was also playing on the show that this incident happened at, and in this interview Dres talks about the events leading up to it and the actual incident.   His entire recount of the incident is priceless and definitely worth checking out.


Also, if you’ve got the time here’s a great interview from Kenny Parker of Boogie Down Productions about the incident from

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