Discretion Rant

It’s about 4:30 am, the time when i usually start thinking about crazy shit, and i decided that I wanted to write about something that’s been on my mind for a while–discretion…and privacy.

So i’m out thinking about all the shit that goes down on a daily basis (you know, all the wild ass shit that maybe you and your homies do or did that you wake up laughing about the next day), that only a few people know about. My belief is that shit is awesome. Shit, i think that shit is amazing. the fact that people can go out to God knows where, and do God knows what, with God knows who is some shit that i think is beautiful.

I went out last night, and had one of the most hilarious and amazing nights i’ve had in a long time. The people who were there knew what level of madness was poppin off, but those who didn’t missed out. Honestly i think that shit is what makes the shit so special. That a few people in a spot can witness more amazing moments than a few hundred people in another spot. If that’s not some amazing shit then i dont know what is.

But let me cut to the chase, because this shit that I’m getting at is more about relationships than anything else.

First of all, i think men and women do the same shit. No sex is more slutty or more moral than the next. We all do dumb ass shit and fuck people we wish we wouldn’t have fucked. And we all fuck people who we feel good about fucking. You know, good shit for the resume if you will.

But my thing is this: stop bragging about that shit. If you fuck somebody that is hot then you should only share that with the people who knew what it was or were there when it was about to happen. See, people make the mistake of thinking women gossip more than men, but I’m here to tell you, no they dont. Shit is the same. hell, i might even believe that dudes gossip MORE than women. Why? Because we typically feel like we have less to lose. Women don’t want to look like sluts, but men are completely cool with looking like sluts because society thinks its amazing that men are out there adding notches to their belt.

However, tonight it dawned on me that dudes need to start keeping that shit under wraps. And i know you might be thinking to yourself that i’m on some humanitarian, we are the world, women’s lib shit when you’re reading this. But let me assure you that my reasons are far less altruistic and far more selfish: I want yall to keep that shit under wraps because it completely fucks up the flow of pussy. Feel me on this shit before you judge me–there is NOTHING good that can come from you having sex with somebody and telling your homies about it, NOTHING. Unless that is to tell your homie NOT to do it, but that’s about it.

Maybe to feel me you have to look at sex as a commodity. Some shit that is publicly traded. The market for that said commodity is defined by those who want it and those who want to make it available. The worth of said commodity is somewhere in between those two extremes. So think about it: what happens when you dont use discretion and have all your business in the streets? You slow down the rate at which said commodity exchanges hands because the value of said commodity becomes volatile, feel me? Its no different than the stock market buddy.

For example, say a girl is a snob who is known to fuck only NBA players and dope boys, then what happens to her stock, simply because the rumors not because she is a quality woman? Shit skyrockets. Same chick who probably cant cook for shit and has a shitty attitude is now in high demand. Now on the opposite end of things, say theres a girl you’ve wanted to bone for years. Yall go to all the same parties, and have some mutual friends. Then you hear that she fucked some other cat last year that you didnt know about. This is the tricky part. Her stock could go up and down depending on what YOU and your social scene think about dude. If dude is a chump it goes down. If he’s got some status then it goes up. But its the same piece of ass that you wanted from jump.

What I’m gettin at is this–don’t let the market dictate the value of a quality piece of ass for you. You need to define that shit for yourself, without all the rumors and insider trading tips. Decided for yourself what it’s worth because otherwise you could a) be purchasing something that is inflated in price and truly not worth it or b) walking away from something that is actually pretty slick because of some shit somebody else said. The same shit Warren Buffet does, just with your penis or vagina.

So I’m going to end this shit here, because if yall feel me then yall feel me.

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