Quote of the week – Joe Hyams

I was in Santa Cruz yesterday surveying the area before our show and came across a book store a couple doors down.  Since I stopped drinking my appetite for reading has increased dramatically, and I’m starting to read a book a week on average.  I walked into this bookstore and felt kind of overwhelmed because there was so much I wanted to read.  If I would’ve had more money to spend and more space to carry books on tour I would’ve gotten more, but I ended up settling on a book called “Zen in the Martial Arts” by Joe Hyams.  The very first section had a quote in it that stood out to me, and I wanted to share.  It’s a quote from one of the authors teachers Ed Parker:

“I am not going to show you my art.  I am going to share it with you.  If i show it to you it becomes an exhibition, and in time it will be pushed so far into the back of your mind that it will be lost.  But by sharing it with you, you will not only retain it forever, but I, too, will improve” – Ed Parker

The book only cost me $1 but as far as I’m concerned that quote is priceless.

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