The Four Pillars of Discipline

In a world where creating goals is much easier than achieving them, people who are disciplined tend to be the most successful. Thankfully, discipline isn’t something people are born with, which means that even if you don’t have it now you can start developing it at any time. This episode is about developing discipline and to make sure that the goals you have set lend themselves to a higher degree of discipline.

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  • Musicmusic

    Another Phife podcast, short and full of Bars. It’s kinda crazy that your inspiration to get good grades was rappers and gold chains, which led you get accepted to college, which got you a professional job, which led you to quit and become a full-time rapper. It’s circular in a strange way. Thanks to your mom for making that trajectory happen; we got lots of dope things as a result.

  • printmatic

    Thanks bro! Appreciate the kind words