My Next Book is Coming Soon


I’ve been off the grid the last couple of months, not really doing much blogging or writing here. Part of that has had to do with it being the holiday season, but the other part is that I’ve been officially writing my next book, which I hope to release this year.

Although I have self-published three books already–The Making of Adventures in Counter Culture, What a Night, and Word is Blog: Volume One–the last book I released was in 2014. Since then, I’ve started and stopped several books behind-the-scenes, but none of them have been finished for one reason or another.

The biggest thing that has delayed the release of a new book is that I changed directions: I decided that I wanted my next book to not just be about me or my adventures, but to be something that could help creative people improve their lives and their work. For the last three years that we’ve been doing the Super Duty Tough Work podcast, I’ve realized that helping artists and creative people every week is a big part of why I love doing it. I want that sentiment to be carried over into my writing and books from here on out. It doesn’t mean that I will never write a fun book like What a Night again, only that right now I want to continue to build on the momentum we have and make sure I’m creating books that allow me to really help people.

That shift has caused me to take a different approach for my next book, but I believe it will be worth it. As of last night, I finished my first draft. Even though it’s an unedited rough-draft, the potential is there and I am starting to get energized about the upcoming editing phase. My goal is to spend about a month editing it myself, then get a “real editor” involved to help me tighten it up. I would love for it to be finished by February and out by March or April at the latest. I will keep everyone posted here with updates and a link as soon as we begin taking preorders for it.

To everyone who has picked up one of my books before, thank you. Your support has helped me see that there is a lane for this. This next one should be my best one yet.

Word is Blog

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