What Drives You?

No matter what your passion is, there will be times when you question whether the time you put into it is worth it. During those moments of doubt, it’s best to revisit exactly what it is that drives your passion. In this episode, we break down the importance of having a “why” and how to figure out what yours is if you haven’t already. Let’s go!


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  • Musicmusic

    Great podcast, flyin solo. Short, but thick with jewels (kinda like Phife, RIP). I really liked the echo effects used on certain words, like Love, Hate, Revenge, etc. It really added a cool vibe to things. Was that post-production, or on the fly? I am also a big fan of the subtle synths you use in the podcasts, as backround ambience. It really adds a cool texture. 1 more request for that Aceyalone collab story..🙂. Peace

  • printmatic

    Thanks man. I did do a little more post-production on this episode than usual. Glad you dug it.

    Man I forgot all about that Aceyalone story but you’re right I do need to tell it. We might do another fan questions episode soon. If so, call in and leave us a voice mail with the request and I’ll play your voice on the episode and tell the story.

  • Musicmusic

    Sounds good. Will do. Ace1 is a king, i never get tired of Accepted Eclectic, or Book of Human. SuperDuty!