There’s No Such Thing As Coincidence

I just got in from having some drinks and i feel like reflecting tonight. I feel a great deal of gratitude for everything that i have been given and the friends i have, as well as the experiences that have been granted me on this path i have chosen.  And i want everybody who has ever supported or encouraged me to continue this thing because it means a lot.  Tonight i realized that there are so many things that i wouldnt have been able to see had it not been for this gift i have been given; no matter how big or small that gift is, it is a gift nonetheless, and i dont take it for granted anymore.

I now look at everyday i am fortunate to wake up and do something i love as a blessing, not something i earned, or something that is a quick phase in my life. it is what i make it, and if i choose to do nothing with it, then it will be nothing. but if i choose to love it and nurture it then it will grow and blossom–and i dont mean monetarily or in terms of shit like that. i mean in terms of what it is and the joy it brings to myself and others.

We don’t love flowers because of what they can do for us. We love them because of what they are.  It would be selfish to do otherwise.  so whatever role that my path plays in the role of others joy i fully accept and embrace. not because it makes me money or because otherse need me, but because that is simply what i am to them, and what i am to be.

This may sound like some drunken rambling, and i admit that i’ve been drinking tonight but feel my sincerity on this.

I dont believe in coincidence.  I used to. But now i dont.

On my first tour, back in 2002 i remember being in Asheville, NC in a hotel with a couple girls. It was me and another cat and we were just talking about life, spiritual things, matters of faith.   And this girl was like “i dont believe in coincidence”. It was the first time i had ever heard a person say that concept aloud, and i immediately adopted it. prior to that, i entertained the thought but never had the balls to say without any doubt that i didnt believe in it.  but as soon as the words left her lips i knew they were right, and something that i shared with her.  and ever since that moment i have never thought that people just happened to meet, or that events just happened to happen, or that i just happened to see something that i wasn’t supposed to see.  all these things are there for a reason. a reason that isnt necessarily shown to us fully but is real.  and this isnt a christian or muslim or buddhist thing, this is me just absorbing something that i felt in my heart as it applies to my life and what goes on around me.  its bigger than me jumping on here pumping any set of beliefs down your throat, which is why i dont do that on record. and i try not to argue with people about where they stand or dont stand on matters of religion.  i dont have any fucking answers, i just know what i believe and that’s just one of those things.

but tonight i guess i wanted to say that this time we have here is precious. it is limited as well. so please dont take the people and family and situations around you for granted because they can change in a heartbeat.

tell somebody that you love them tomorrow.  tell your friends that you love them all the time.

and instead of doing normal shit for people that you love, take it a step beyond that.  turn that regular gesture into a grand gesture.  you know what i’m sayin. that kind of shit that dudes are taught to do when they fuck up with their girlfriend–do that shit all the time with the people you love.  make every gesture a grand gesture.  why should we have to wait until we’ve fucked up to show people we give  fuck about them? it shouldn’t have to be like that.

so as i end this blog, i just wanna say: I LOVE YALL.

good night.

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