The Last Five Albums I Bought (March 2011)

I got a lot of good recommendations the last time I decided to post the Last Five Albums I Bought, so I’m going to make it a regular thing.  Here’s the last five albums I purchased and my thoughts on them.  Please hit the comments section and add yours.

1. Ka “Grief Pedigree”

This album reminds me of everything I love about New York hip-hop: the production is minimal but bangs, the rhymes are rugged and make you visualize the city, and the rapper’s got a really dope voice.  If you’re a fan of Roc Marciano, then you probably heard Ka guest appear on his album.  In short, Grief Pedigree, Ka’s debut solo album, is dope.  My favorite joint on here is “Decisions.”  My dude Cryptic One recommended this to me and I’m glad I listened.

2. Void Pedal “Omni Colour”

I heard about Chicago instrumental artist Void Pedal on  a compilation his record label, Fieldwerk Recordings, released last year.  I’m not exactly sure how or when we got the promo CD in the tour van, but his beats got my attention, so i made a note to check for his music when I got a chance.  To say the least, I wasn’t disappointed.  After hearing “Omni Colour” I picked up all his other albums.  If you’re into instrumental hip-hop and beats, then don’t sleep on Void Pedal.

3. Willie Evans Jr. “Introducin”

I’m biased because I’ve had the pleasure of rocking a few shows with Willie Evans Jr the last couple times I was in Florida. He’s a good dude, his stage show is dope, and his records are dope.  Really grimy production that, while I’m sure he hears it a lot, reminds me of MF Doom.  The best thing about Willie Evans Jr is that he’s very comfortable being himself, which means that he raps about everything from relationships to, to video games, to comic books–and it all sound natural.  He’s rhymes like a bully, but has the sensibilities that any nerd would love.

4. David Bazan “Strange Negotiations”

If i were to categorize David Bazan, it would probably be as a singer-songwriter, with a similar feel to artists like Bon Iver.  A friend gave me one of his earlier albums and I dug it, so I picked up his latest, Strange Negotiations.  The album has a couple really amazing songs like “Virginia” and the title track “Strange Negotiations,” (which you can repeat 5x before going to the next song), but as a complete album it’s a bit uneven.  I still enjoy Bazan, and will look out for more of his work, because the highlights of Strange Negotiations make me think he has the potential to make a classic at some point.

Big Quarters “Party Like  Young Commie”

I’ve always liked Big Quarters, but have always forgot to pick up their records.  Well, this time around I was on top of it, and picked up Party Like A Young Commie when it came out.  The most immediate thing that jumps out about Big Quarters is their production, which gives the album a really cohesive feel.  Behind the boards they succeed in assembling an assortment of beats that make me wanna pick up the MPC 2000 again.  Some tracks have a classic 90’s feel that you could hear Brand Nubian or A Tribe Called Quest rhyming over, and they’ve even got an instrumental piece at the end of the album that integrates live instruments very well.  This record came out in the winter, but i think it actually sounds like a summer record, so I found myself listening to it more this week since it’s spring again.

Ok…That’s all I’ve got.  Feel free to share the last five albums you picked up below.  I love to learn about new music.

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