Thanksgiving Thanks


In light of it being thanksgiving and all that, I wanna say thanks to everybody who has checked out the Greenhouse EP, Electric Purgatory Part One. It’s been a while since Illogic and I have done anything together so we just want to get the music that we’ve been working on for the past year out there, but the response has been very good overall and very encouraging in terms of what we have planned in the future.

I also want to thank everybody that reposted it on their facebook or twitter pages and helped spread it out. That shit means a lot and you didn’t have to do it. A lot of times its easy to get overwhelmed by all this technology and social networking we’ve got at our fingertips, but I guess the good side is that it can be a good tool to bring people together and spread the word about things. I haven’t really blogged much this week because this week has been so damn busy, but i expect to be back on it next week in full force. Right now its all about filling these mail orders, rehearsing for the show on Saturday, and passing out flyers to hopefully get people out.

That’s about all i got.  Have a good weekend.

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