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    Words I Like: Agonizing

    Agonize is a cool word.  But you gotta use it sparingly.

    “I was really agonizing about whether I wanted peanut butter & jelly or a turkey sandwich for lunch. It was a tough choice, ’cause I really like turkey…but I already had it on Monday..ugggh, so agonizing!”

    People might start to resent you for unjustly breaking out agonize like that.  It’s almost like the kids who used to pull the fire alarm in middle school all the time; it got your attention, but once you realized it was fake you were kinda pissed.

    I’m not sure if you can even drop agonize until after you’re done agonizing.  You can’t really say “I’m agonizing over my fantasy football picks.”  You gotta say “I was agonizing over my fantasy picks last week but and I totally kicked yalls ass anyways. I’m the man! Whoooohooo!!”

    I like the word painstaking.