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    Ok. By now everybody has seen all the shit about Kanye’s antics at the MTV awards show.  Some people are saying fuck Kanye, and they’ll never buy his records again. Other people are saying that it was all entertainment and think it was scripted.  Myself, I think Kanye is easily the most entertaining and polarizing figure in music right now, hands down.  He is to this generation of hip-hop listeners and press what KRS-ONE was to the generation before that; a figure so immensely talented, yet so willing to say and do bizarre ass shit all the time based on whatever their ego was feeling that day.  They’re not driven by money, or fame, or any of that shit; Kanye West, just like KRS is pretty much about whatever satisfies his ever-growing ego.  But that’s another topic that I’m sure is up to debate.

    But I’m writing this not to talk about that, but to talk about how yall lost and how MTV won.  I’m sure you’re thinking “what are you talkin about print? how can i lose when i never played?”. well let me school you on how you lost youngin, because some of the best loses have come from people who didn’t even know they were on the field to begin with.

    Here’s how you lost: