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    Things I regret buying: Novation Remote SL midi controller

    Instead of talking about a piece of musical gear I own and love, I thought it would be more interesting to dedicate this post to a purchase that I absolutely regret making.

    See, artists have to have gear to make music, so there is almost an endless search for the right setup.  The right recording space, mics, keyboards, midi controllers, recording software, etc.  All of it has to be right for you so that when you get in there to make music your creativity isn’t interrupted by technical problems.

    So you scope out gear, make lists, and demo things, going back and forth to Guitar Center making sure it’s what you what.  And then one day, when you’re money is right, you finally make that purchase.  Most of the time, it’s a great experience.  You get a great piece of gear that compliments what you do, and your music benefits because of it.

    But every now and then it goes horribly wrong.