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    Poll: Can you live without television?

    I’ve noticed quite a few changes in myself in the three months that I’ve went without alcohol.  Increased productivity, considerable weight loss, and better eating habits to name a few.  But one additional side-effect I’ve noticed is that I’ve started to watch less and less television as the weeks go by.  At first I assumed it was because I was reading and working out more and just didn’t have time for it, but as the days have passed I’ve started to feel that maybe it’s got more to do with an increased respect for how my own time on earth is spent and my current desire to learn more. I guess it goes without saying that television isn’t the greatest teacher.  Truth be told, I’ve actually started to feel like I might be getting dumber just by watching television–if that’s humanly possible. So as a result, I’ve become more and more disconnected from it as of late.

    While i can still watch a good sporting event, documentary, or movie, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to watch almost anything else.  My television has started to routinely go 3-4 days at a time without being turned on.